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We had received a group a 4 hunters from Dallas Texas in early August that had a blast. Brothers David and Robert came to visit us to Plaza Real Lodge with 2 other great friends. It was the first time for them, and they have smoked in 4 days as many shells as they have shot in their entire life.

Plaza Real is one of the best options for dove hunting in Argentina. It is located in the province of Cordoba, in the center of Argentina, 50 miles (100 km) north of Cordoba’s International Airport. The driving time from the airport to the lodge is one hour. Right in the main capital of dove hunting in South America.

Plaza Real is close to Totoral City. This totally renovated and stylish hotel surrounded by farmland provides excellent and new accommodations to make your trip special. Argentina's dove hunting reviews mention this unique place as a great option for wingshooters from all over the world.

The rooms are big and comfortable, all with private bathroom, king and queen size beds, in single or double occupancy; and special suites. 

Our dove shooting program starts early in the morning with a complete breakfast with eggs prepared according to your preferences. Our guide arrived for breakfast and talked to the group about guns and shells for the shooting day. He gave a safety speech on the first day, and he assisted with all accessories. Around 8.00 am we normally depart with the group to the field. It is a 20 to 40 minutes drive to the field. 

At our arrival, the field staff was ready to take us to the shooting blind. It was an estimated 3 hour shooting before lunch time. The head guide had always been available to assist and coach us with any requirement we may had. Our hunting guides are experienced and qualified shooters and they are able to provide you with special recommendations to improve your accuracy.

Most of our hunters use the connection through Panama to come to Cordoba. They take a flight out from Houston and after one stop they land in Cordoba, Argentina. You should consider this flight as a great option.

Our friends had shared the hunting days with 2 other groups, from Texas, Wayne Graham and his party; and Mr David, who came with 13 hunters. Yes, it was a noisy week. We have mostly shot Beretta and Benelli 20 gauge semi-automatic guns with 25gr shells and #7 ammunition.

The weather on the first week of August was amazing and we had not a single drop of rain, nor it was cold, and we have hunted in the hills of Macha in Los Chañares area.

Pablo Aguilo

Pointer Outfitters



Just a quick note to express my sincere gratitude to your team for providing an excellent dove hunting experience.  The accommodations were great and the lunch served in the field was absolutely fantastic.  I really liked the video that your team produced and look forward to sharing it with my friends and family.  Our group thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Argentina and look forward to a return trip at some point in the future.  We hope that you and your family can come visit us in Texas soon.  Talk later.

William Becker

Good morning Pablo,

Thank you for the video and all of the pictures!  They truly depict what a wonderful time we all had!!

I would like to say that the facilities, the service, and you with your incredible staff wholly exceeded all of my expectations.  I think I am spoiled now; Pointer Wingshooting has set the bar high for any future hunting adventures I take.  The time and care you put into making this a memorable trip for us all is remarkable, and I would highly recommend to everyone I know to experience Argentina with you all!

Thank you again for the wonderful time in Cordoba!

 Ashley Petras

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