Father and son special trip

In early August, our good friend John Bradshaw joined my son Josh and I on a great dream trip shooting doves in Argentina.  Josh and John had been twice and this was my fourth trip hunting.

Pablo and Pointer Wingshooting handled every detail in ways that exceeded our expectations.  Staying in La Loma Lodge was a wonderful experience.  The wait staffs is professional and treat you like royalty.  The facility is warm and inviting and just helps you relax and enjoy the experience.  Food - INCREDIBLE!!!

The hunting was off the chain.  Birds were flying all the time. Josh shot 7300 times and was a snap shooting crazy man, hitting around 80%. Federico was our field chef and as before he fed us with meats cooked to perfection, appetizers, salads and desserts. Everything was prepared and presented with excellence.

Pablo has built a great team around him.  He is developing strong leadership among his staff that will only increase his potential for continued incredible hunt times.

I had such a great time, I am trying to work out a visit in early February 2016 right now and bring my wife!

Wayne Graham



Thank you for an incredible time!  John, Josh and I had an incredibly GREAT time with you and the guys.  And The time you and I spent together during the week was very rewarding.

The food was great! 

The time in the field hunting was great!

The fun and laughter we shared was great!

The experience at La Loma was superb!  Paola is very good.

(I have sent Barry a full report with videos that he enjoyed)

Spending time with Josh in your country I so enjoy was a great gift.

I had lunch with John for my birthday yesterday and he was still talking about how great a trip we had. He is used to the VERY BEST.

Wayne Graham, TX

“The video captures the Argentine outdoors, which if you didn’t take the overnight flight from Dallas, you would suspect that you never left the Great State of Texas for southern latitudes.  The target rich environment of the constantly migrating doves is apparent with all the shooting going on, and everyone’s smiles are confirmation of the great time had by all on this recent hunting expedition…the palate-pleasing food was delicious too!!  If it flies, it dies.”

John Bradshaw

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