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We have written in the title of this hunting report Will Hale's words! We are happy and proud that we have been able to delivery this hunters a trip that had exceeded their expectation. The food at the lodge was excellent! Federico did an amazing job and prepare unique delicatessens for us.

We have been with Lance Silvertooth and his group In San Javier Lodge the third week of July 2015. This guys wanted to shoot all species they can. They wanted to smoke as many doves as possible. Dove shooting in this program is different from Cordoba’s Dove Shooting. The terrain is flatter, so there are not as many shooting angles in terms of presentation of the birds. The volume of birds is as good as in the well known Cordoba program, but normally in the afternoons birds fly in bigger volumes. It is important to know that you will have more than two hours of big volume shooting, what in Argentina means hot barrels and lots of action.

Regarding ducks in San Javier Lodge, our duck shooting program starts early in the morning, when the field assistant drops the decoys close by to your blind. At that moment you probably are on the way to your spot. You woke up early and now you are in an amazing boat heading for one of the islands to get your birds. Wearing waders and armed with your shotgun, you will be ready for action before sunrise. 

The Duck Program starts at 6:00 am with a hearty breakfast. Around 6:45 am we take a short boat ride to the shooting field. Schedules vary depending on the time of the year in between 20 to 40 minutes. After the morning shooting, we go back to the lodge for lunch and siesta. In the afternoon, we depart at around 3:30 pm for the evening duck shooting session.

The weather during the third week was cold but lovely and great for the ducks. We have been able to hunt some perdiz on sunny days, and they have also fished dorado one day. Well, to be honest, Chad did not. LOL. Sorry Chad maybe next time.

We have challenged Will Hale to hunt perdiz, we said that he will not be able to get 3 birds with 7 shots and we put so much pressure over him that when he had 6 shots, he only had 2 perdiz in his bag. Pressure was there, but this lucky coonass had hit the third bird with his 7 shot. He did not stop talking about it. 

We have also challenged him to do the dorado fishing, and he brought fish! This group of fantastic 4 were really good for the hunt, for the fishing and for the fun! We had long nights having drinks and talking about hunting stories. Looking forward to meet with them in a close future. 

Keep in touch. You should be the next one. My best.

Pablo Aguilo

Pointer Outfitters



Top notch outfit.  Hunting experience was one I will remember for the rest of my life. Ranch is beautiful, accommodations are great, food was second to none and the staff was very accommodating, friendly and made you feel right at home! Thanks for a great week and look forward to getting back down there again!!! 

Thanks Pablo and staff!

Will Hale

For several years, hunting in Argentina has been a bucket list item. Something I've day dreamed about while watching videos or reading stories. The week I spent there hunting was everything I had envisioned it to be. The amount of birds there is something you just have to see to believe. However the lodging and service went far beyond anything you could imagine. From top to bottom the staff at Pointer is top notch. You are treated like royalty from the time you get there till you leave. The food was sinfully good, presentation and taste was perfect every time. As far as my friend Pablo, what can you say. He is one the best "people" persons I have ever met. He reads people like a book, and will know you in 5 minutes better than your mother. Absolutely one of the greatest experiences of my life.

Joshua Gloor

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