Second mixed bag hunt

Sorry guys, sorry for my delay in this hunting report, but we have been so busy the last 60 days with groups in between 3 lodges, that this report was in our bucket list. Finally I woke up 3am when the house is in complete silence to start writing.

Tommy second hunt at San Javier Lodge had happened in the second week of July. It was a group of 5 hunters and we had the pleasure to meet very nice people like Mike, Robert, Gary and Ken. Our friends from Houston had a blast and enjoyed a lot their trip with some other 4 hunters from Louisiana.

We had a challenge. We had a repeater group and we wanted to go one step forward. 

We call Mixed Bag Program to the shooting combination of three different species in one place. The Mixed Bag Program offers you the best of three different activities. It includes the challenging shooting of ducks, the big volume shooting of doves and the unique perdiz hunt.

This year the ducks season was amazing and we were able to make limits in most of our hunts. We had enjoyed some amazing perdiz and we shot high volume doves.  The perdiz hunt could be compared to quail hunt in Georgia or Alabama, but these birds are normally in small groups of two. It requires a well trained dog, a professional guide with good skills to run the dog, and two shooters. Please check in this website the section called the hunting for more details and pictures.

Like most of our groups, they had not brought their own shotguns.

The shotgun available for rent include, primarily, Benelli Montefeltro and Beretta Urika 391 20 gauge semi-automatics ad we also have the same shotguns in 12 gauge. We also have a limited number of Beretta silver pigeon 20 gauge o/u shotguns. Due to the excellent bird numbers found in our region and the high number of rounds commonly fired per gun, we normally assign two shotguns to each hunter. In the case of a shotgun malfunction, your field assistant will immediately switch shotguns to insure that your shooting is not uninterrupted. Your field assistant and head guide, will then address the malfunction in the field or, if need be, with our gunsmith in town. You should understand that while we work very hard to optimize your experience, this very high volume of shooting sometimes results in temporary malfunction that we will resolve as fast as possible.

Regarding chokes, we normally install modified and or IC. If you prefer different chokes, please let us know your preference well in advance of your arrival. 

We have been driving the Toyota Hilux 4x4 to go to the perdiz and doves field and the boats to the duck hunt. The Toyota Hilux is very Tough reliable truck, absolutely no problems. Good fuel economy, great with a load or trailer; and comfortable for our guest.

But, I guess you should read our friends testimonials instead of going further, they have sent us a note after they came back to Houston that we share below.

Thanks for your last visit Tommy & Mike and for your kind words.

My best

Pablo Aguilo

Pointer Outfitters


This was my second mixed bag hunt in San Javier Lodge, Argentina with Pointer Outfitters.  Our first trip a year ago was in May with excellent dove and perdiz shooting but the warm weather hurt the duck hunting a little forcing us to drive to find ducks.  This year, the weather cooperated and the duck hunting out of the lodge was unbelievable with limits of ducks for every blind every day.  Customer service both at the lodge and the field were second to none with head guide Martin locating prime duck and dove hunting grounds and Federico creating masterpieces in the kitchen back at the lodge.  The rooms were clean, fresh linens every day and the laundry service allows for much lighter packing. Last year I made some suggestions to Pablo on how to improve on an already good situation.  I did not expect every suggestion to be taken to heart, but Pablo and his staff stepped up their game on every level exceeding every expectation.  Well done Pointer Outfitters.  We will certainly be back.  Thank you for the trip of a lifetime.

Tommy Rice Jr

Pointer Outfitters is second to none!  Myself and a few friends from Texas visited Pablo and his staff just outside of Santa Fe in July.  The weather was perfect for hunting both duck and dove.  The accommodations were outstanding and more importantly Martin and his team were truly fantastic.  The overall experience was top notch and I highly recommend Pablo and his company to all hunting enthusiasts out there.  I can’t get back there soon enough!

Thank you again for such a memorable trip and providing us with the reassurance that we picked the right place and right company to spend our money!


Michael Payne

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New Members of The Thousand Doves Club

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I met this group at the airport. They are such a nice group of people I was so lucky to be able to work for them. We drove straight to the field and had an amazing hunting day.

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