Lots of Doves With Friends

In the same week we have received at La Loma Lodge our great friend Larry Ramming and David Wampler. They have arrived to Cordoba the last 6th july and they have also shared a great time with Marvin Gros and his group.

It is great to see old friends again, especially because Larry had gone through a very delicate medical issue. Thanks God he is doing great! We have been at La Loma Lodge and Plaza Real Lodge.

La Loma is a beautiful traditional Estancia built in 1908 by one of the wealthiest families in Argentina. The lodge is located about one hour to the north of Cordoba International Airport, in the town of Totoral. It is situated next to the biggest dove roost in Argentina, the rides to the fields are a convenient 10 to 40 minutes. La Loma’s staff, the delicious Argentine meals, and copious amounts of doves combine to make this a very memorable dove-shooting trip.

Plaza Real is one of the best options for dove hunting in Argentina. It is located in the province of Cordoba, in the center of Argentina, 50 miles (100 km) north of Cordoba’s International Airport. The driving time from the airport to the lodge is also one hour. Right in the main capital of dove hunting in South America

With this group we have hunted in the Macha Valley, that means we are back in the hills. We have been especially at La Tuna area, in our Correa brother's farm. Doves were amazing. What can I say about dove hunting with Pointer Outfitters that you haven’t hear before? Just that, at the end of the morning, birds will slow down, but afternoons were so crazy and ridiculously full of birds, that we were taking pictures!

Our chef Federico did an amazing job, as always,  and we enjoyed great food in the field! Weather was amazing, and like all winters in Cordoba there were no rains.

David and Blake Wampler had hunted with us for 4 days, but in the middle we have done an amazing horse riding for a complete day at Ongamira area. That same day they also were at Pablo Aguilo's house for a meal with the famous photographer Marcos Furer, who had shown us the great last works he had been doing.

Happy hunts. Sorry to all our friends, but this is a short report because we would like you to enjoy our friends testimonials.-


My best

Pablo Aguilo

Pointer Outfitters



We just returned from a wonderful trip and the Pointer Wingshooting Team as always, handled every detail to perfect expectation. I have been hunting with Pablo over ten years and intend to continue every chance I get (or can make lol). 

We treasure the time together, the experience (Pablo handled everything including a few great days in Buenos Aires), the entire Pointer and Las Lomas team typify why I love Argentina, good friends all.

Volume shooting - fantastic and always perfectly organized. Bird count? Just how hard do you want to push - trip of a life's dream - now I want to come back soon. Mrs Ramming tells me I have a return "kitchen pass" as soon as she and I return from Hawaii (?) - so - hope to see you before the end of the year. By the way Cuba very tempting lol. 

Best Regards,

Larry Ramming

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