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Really Special Experience With Pointer

In the first week of April we had the pleasure to welcome two brothers, Kenneth and Adam. They arrived in Córdoba airport and chose to stay at La Loma lodge. The first person they saw at the arrival gate was Francisco, one of our representatives.

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Once they arrived at La Loma lodge, they were delighted with a delicious asado, that is, our traditional barbecue, that Gaby, our chef, had prepared for them. 

Let me tell you more about this beautiful lodge. La Loma is a beautiful traditional Estancia built in 1908 by one of the wealthiest families in Argentina. The lodge is located about one hour north of Córdoba International Airport in the town of Totoral. Situated next to the biggest dove roost in Argentina, the rides to the fields are a convenient 10 to 40 minutes. La Loma’s staff, the delicious Argentine meals, as well as the copious amounts of doves, combine to make this a memorable dove-shooting trip.

The first day, the shooting session lasted up until 5.30 pm and then we drove our guests to the lodge to relax and end an exceptional day with some cocktails and more delicious food!

At the field, they had dove brochettes for lunch. They didn’t shoot for too long because they were rather tired from the long flight. 

The weather was perfect, it was a sunny morning, but at noon came a strong wind, but that didn’t stop them to shoot a bit more. There was a great volume of doves!

We hunted until 6 pm because Kenneth and Adam decided to head back to the lodge and get some massages. 

On their last day, we took them to the Jesús María area. It was a beautiful sunny and kind of windy day, the perfect autumn day!

Both brothers were easy going and had a great time here with us!

And you… Would you like to be the next one?


Federico Silva

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We would like to share these cool pictures of some of the groups in the field yesterday. They are families and friends. We hope they had a great time! We were so happy to have them with us! #pointeroutfitters #pointerwingshooting #outside #shooting #argentina #explore #outdoor

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