Had An Incredible Time With Pointer Outfitters

This group arrived on the 9th of February at 5:30 pm to Cordoba airport, where their guide was waiting for them. The ride was straight to the lodge to get some rest since they were very tired from the flights and because of that they didn’t go hunting on this first day either.

When they got to the lodge and after a nice nap, they joined another group of guests that were enjoying some drinks at the fireplace. They were a very nice family of father and his two kids, and a friend of him, that were very excited about the next day. 

On the second day, La Para was waiting for us. To the eastern part of the province, 25 minutes away from the lodge, there was this great field. They had no problems with the ride, since they told us they came here mainly to enjoy some quality time together. 

Jonathan, one of them, couldn’t leave the lodge that morning, because he was feeling under the weather since the moment he got out of the plane. He did not feel in a position to hunt when his party left, but around noon he called us to ask us if we could pick him up at the lodge so he could go hunting, ‘cause he was feeling a little better and did not want to waste any time. 

Once at the field, his field assistant took him to his blind and started hunting. I remember it was a great afternoon, so I was very glad he made it!

I could tell they were not big hunters. Their enjoyment was on just watching the amount of doves we have here in Córdoba. They liked shooting, don’t get me wrong, but not as much as many other clients we have, that knowing how big our province is on dove shooting, they get crazy every time they step on the field! After an hour and a half of hunting they were already very tired so they decided to take naps on the hammocks and chat among themselves.

Lunchtime was here and Gaby, our amazing chef, was ready to serve everything we had for this group. His famous dish are the stuffed peppers, but the argentinean barbecue has a place on every guest heart. After lunch, they congratulated Gaby for being such a great cook.

It was a very hot afternoon, so we had our minds not only on the doves but also on the drinks. Beer is the most requested drink while shooting, but this group decided to stay healthy to be able to keep shooting even longer than the rest of our clients, so they chose water for the whole day.

On their last day, we went hunting to a field close to Jesus Maria town, where we were very lucky since the weather on that day was very nice and there were many doves! 

They were very enthusiastic and they shot very fast. 

It was a day of celebration after celebration! They were super happy after this last day, but very tired too, so when they were done with the shooting, we took them to the lodge so they could enjoy their last night with some drinks and nice company.

A very nice group on a very nice season.

Hope to see you again soon!


Federico Gervasoni

Head guide

Translated by Victoria Fallótico. 

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