Tremendous Shooting In Argentina

Coming from the US to Cordoba to do wingshooting means twelve long hours in a plane, but it’s worth the flight when you know a great adventure is waiting for you.

So, these group of friends got on a plane and, on a Tuesday morning, they arrived to Cordoba Airport for their dove hunt. Ronald, Jesse, and Charles’ luggages didn't land with them, so after picking them up from the airport, a visit to the shopping center was necessary to buy some clothes. 

In the meantime, I took William and Ronnie from the airport to field. When we got there, it was almost lunchtime. Gabi, our cook, was waiting for us with a delicious asado: ribs, tenderloin, sausages and dove brochettes perfectly grilled. 

Now it was time to let our friends Will and Ronnie do what they came here for: dove hunting! An amazing shooting afternoon lasted until 6 p.m when we got back to the lodge, where we reunited with the rest of the group.

They stayed at La Loma, a beautiful and traditional estancia built in 1940 that belonged to a very important Argentinian politician. The perfect setting to relax after a long day.

The following days the sun was shining, a sign of great hunting days ahead! 

First, we went to a maize field near Jesus María city. The field was threshed so it was easy to hunt. A very warm and nice day! At 6 p.m we returned to the lodge, where a delicious picada and massages were awaiting the guys!

We also visited a sunflowers field. The morning was very calm, so the friends enjoyed the hunting but also had fun and got together to chat. What they didn't know is that the dove was going to abound in the afternoon. 

After a delicious asado prepared by Gabi, who was applauded by our guests due to his exquisite meals, guns were ready to open fire. Doves were covering the sky. Our clients were really happy and had an amazing time! They even shot some pigeons and parrots. A truly incredible day. 

Our last day together was spent at a what we called “el bajo” near Jesús María. It was a little bit windy, but the guys didn’t matter, they had an amazing last day on the field anyways! At lunchtime they nicknamed Gabi “the new grandpa” as a few days before he had had another grandchild. The friends decided to hunt together on their last day, so they shot and danced to the rhythm of the music that came from a loudspeaker they had.

Back in the lodge, I said goodbye to these incredible guys who where leaving for the US the following morning.


What about you?

You should be the next one! 

Federico Silva

Field Guide


Edited by Carolina Diez 



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