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Three Groups and Thousands of Doves

We started the month of May welcoming three groups of friends. They came from The States to have an amazing dove hunting experience - and that is what they were going to have.

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That very Wednesday early in the morning, we met one of the groups: John, Mike, Lance, Jaime, Dane and Aaron. They were staying at Jesus Maria Deluxe Resort. 

As soon as we picked them up from the airport, we took them to the field, near Colonia Tirolesa city. As a good group of friends, they wanted to shoot together, so we rearranged the posts for groups of two. 

Leo, the cook, prepared a delicious and traditional Argentine asado, with meat cut that you have never tasted before. When the meal was over, they applauded him! 

The group was a little bit tired after the long flight, so they didn’t shot that much, they rather enjoyed themselves. 

On that same day, Marc, Nick, Clay and Zack arrived to Cordoba, but they decided to go straight to the lodge.

The following day, another party of hunter joined us! John, Carol, Gary and Kris arrived at midday and joined us in the field. Each group hunted separately in a different area. 

Once the camp was ready, when the lunchtime call was heard everybody got together to have a delicious asado. Of course Leo was applauded once again!  

After lunch, each group got back to their posts. John Schneider and his friends not only shot, but also got together to chat. They really had a good time! 

On the third day, we took the three groups to a different field. The amount of doves was unbelievable! They couldn’t believe what they were seeing! 

Asado is a traditional meal at the field, but near Jesus Maria there are excellent restaurants, so we decided to take the groups to one of them! It was an excellent choice as the food was delicious! 

After lunch, everybody got back their posts. Doves were covering the sky. The clients were really happy and shot nonstop! 

After a great hunting day, we took the groups back to the field, where a delicious picada and massages were waiting for them! 

On the fourth day, we woke up to a gray sky. Of course, rainy weather doesn’t prevent us from hunting! We took John Schneider and John Huddleson to a maize field in the lowlands. There weren’t many birds due to te weather, but the groups knew how have a great day anyways! 

When we were having lunch, the rain was pouring so we set up a tent. We stayed there, talking until there rain stopped. Now it was time to go back to their posts and shoot for and hour or so.

Back in the hotel, they enjoyed relaxing massages. 

On the last day, we only had John, Mike, Lance, Jaime, Dane and Aaron. When we arrived to the field, drizzle was falling. Suddenly the sky was clear and doves were flying in the sky! What a great news! The friends started to shoot immediately! 

When the groups have a great time in spite of rainy days, you know your work is done! 

The best thing? To start off another month with incredible and friendly people! 

Hope to see you around soon!

What about you? 

You should be the next one! 


Mariano Taboada

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We would like to share these cool pictures of some of the groups in the field yesterday. They are families and friends. We hope they had a great time! We were so happy to have them with us! #pointeroutfitters #pointerwingshooting #outside #shooting #argentina #explore #outdoor

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