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The Disneyland of Dove Shooting

This group arrived on November 8th, very early in the morning. I was waiting for them with Juan Cruz and Francisco, two of the main field assistants we have in the company. Upon arrival, they asked me if we could stop by the lodge first so that they could take showers and grab a bite.

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Once they decided they were good to go, we got into the pickup trucks and ride straight to the field, where the one and only Gaby, the cook, was waiting for us with the most amazing Argentinian Asado you can ever imagine

The morning hunt was short, about forty minutes, but it was one of the best of the month. 

This group was very happy to finally be out there in the field. It was, for most of the group, their very first time in Argentina so they could not believe the number of doves we had flying that day! You know what they say, Cordoba is THE best place for dove hunting

If you’ve come before, you’ve surely meet Tata, the most fun, caring and professional field assistant of all times! When this group got to the field and saw Tata, they went straight to hug him. The great energy he has makes the hunt ten times better!

Now, let me tell you about lunch at the field. Apart from the great hunt, Argentina is well known worldwide for its food, especially its meat, and our lunches are no exception. If you have already been in Cordoba you know what we are talking about, but if you are planning to come this season we will be waiting for you with this wonderful meal.

Placed in the livestock heart of Argentina, POINTER WINGSHOOTING has access to the highest quality of meat in Cordoba. You can enjoy the best barbecues at lunch or dinner. Our meals are delicious; they have the perfect balance between simplicity and quality, mixed with a gourmet touch, such as our exquisite Dove Skewer. This is one of the most famous dishes among our guests. We enjoy this meal every day at lunch in the field barbecues.

The spicy option could be with Chile Chipotle or Chile Habanero, which are sliced and then wrapped to the dove breast. Then we put them in a wood skewer which helps to the display. These skewers are cooked over a grill and not over the flames. The cooking time is important since it not only loses proteins but also taste.

After lunch comes the nap. We like setting up some hammocks under the shade of the trees around the camp. This makes everything feel very smoother and easier. 

It’s time for the afternoon hunt to start! It was a short session since the clients were very tired after the flights. They hunted for three hours and then asked me to go back to the lodge for some drinks and a relaxing evening. 

The second day we went to La Para. It’s an hour ride from the lodge, but when doves are around that field, it’s completely worth it!

Every morning at the field is mostly the same; we drive past all the blinds, dropping every client with his assistant so they get ready to start hunting. 

This morning was a very hot one, but there was a really nice breeze to shot. The coolers are ready. Filled with ice and drinks to enjoy together with the hunt, they were a key element that morning.

Hunt, Joshua, and Joe decided that was the day for them to be part of the 1000 Doves Club. They were very very excited, I mean, who wasn’t! 

After an hour, Hunt was already close to 400 doves and 20 boxes! He was also tired, so he decided to stop for the morning and just go to the camp to wait for lunch.

In the meantime, Gaby prepared appetizers for everyone to enjoy before the barbecue. Lunch was outstanding, as always. Nap time for 45 minutes and then back to the blinds.

This time, they asked me to hunt close to each other so they could encourage Hunt to get the 1000! 

And guess what, when you are here, with friends and drinks, amazing things can happen! We like calling Córdoba the Disneyland for doves, anything is possible!

After shooting and laughing, Hunt got them all! They were very happy for his friend! He was also completely delighted! He couldn’t believe his eyes, it was something he had on his bucket list since forever and now he could cross it out! They took pictures and celebrated with cold drinks. 

The time to go back to the lodge and celebrate this amazing event came, so we picked everything up and hit the road. 

At the lodge, the massages were waiting for them to make this day the best one! They prepared everything on the gallery, outside the lodge, where the afternoon was perfect, the breeze beautiful and the birds were singing. 

Another day was over, and another group became friends with Pointer Outfitters forever. 

We hope to see them again soon! 


You should be the next one! 


Federico Gervasoni

Head Guide

Pointer Outfitters Argentina


Edited by Victoria Fallótico




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We would like to share these cool pictures of some of the groups in the field yesterday. They are families and friends. We hope they had a great time! We were so happy to have them with us! #pointeroutfitters #pointerwingshooting #outside #shooting #argentina #explore #outdoor

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