Ultimate Hunting in Santa Fe

Our mixed bag program of doves, ducks, and perdiz is a must-do if you are a passionate hunter! Add some outstanding service at San Javier Lodge and you’ll feel at home. Check out the latest news from the land of hunt and fun. We love what we do!

Scott, Dillon, and Michael from Dallas arrived at Ezeiza International Airport on July 15 and stayed one night in Buenos Aires so that they could visit the city before coming to Santa Fe to do our Mixed Bag program. Everybody knows Buenos Aires is just wonderful. If you come, you must visit the most famous neighborhoods like Recoleta, Puerto Madero, and La Boca. You can also enjoy the nightlife, have tango classes or just go to fancy restaurants like Las Lilas for a great Argentine barbecue.

On July 16, our guests took one hour flight to Santa Fe Airport where our main guide was waiting for them at the airport before 8.15 am. Scott had already come to Argentina some years ago, but this time, he brought his son Dillon and his good friend Michael to live the hunting experience of their lifetimes. 

The first day, they did an amazing dove hunting in a field that was 10 minutes from the lodge. There was a great volume of doves in the air. However, our guests told us they would rather rest a little bit and save energies for their favorite one: duck hunting. 

The next morning we went down the river and took a 15 minutes boat ride to get to the perfect spot. Scott gave Dillon, his son, some hunting lessons from the boat and they had fun together. The three of the hunters were so happy about the whole experience. 

The third day we woke up at 6 am and we did duck hunting in the morning, in the middle of a rice field located about 5 minutes from the lodge. No sooner had the sun come out that they had shot so many ducks that they reached the limit per person. They were astonished and they still had the whole morning ahead. Therefore, we quickly scheduled a perdiz hunt

The perdiz is found in the huge grasslands, in the middle of the cattle that provide great cover for the birds. It is paramount to approach the fields against the wind and with a great pointer dog that will mark the perdiz. You should expect a dozen flushes per hour walking through brush land, similar to some areas in Texas.

That morning, our guests enjoyed so much the hunting that they told us they were already planning to come again soon. Apart from the hunting being great, our guest service is outstanding, and they can tell.

After a delicious lunch, we came back to the river to hunt again. The team wanted to shoot big size ducks. They had a lot of fun, it rained a little bit though. Our guests told us the overall stay at San Javier Lodge had been simply fantastic. 

Hunting for 4 days in a row with you guys had been such a pleasure!

Hope to see you around soon. 

What about you? Are you ready for your next adventure?

You should be the next one!


Francisco Visintini

Field Guide

Pointer Outfitters



Edited by Juliana D’Olivo 


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