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Fun in the Flatlands

On October 2018, Agua Las Piedras Lodge welcomed two gruops that got like a house on fire! They enjoyed hunting doves and making good friends.

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On October 2018, we welcomed in Agua Las Piedras Lodge two really cool dads and their teenage sons: Nathan with his son Jacob, and Scott with Tanner. It was the first hunting time for Jacob and Tanner. 

The original plan was not to hunt the day of arrival and enjoy the day at the lodge. Yet, the rain changed our plans. It was forecasted that the two following days were going to be rainy. I convinced them to go hunting that same day. Fortunately, they agreed! And it was the best we could do. We left the lodge at 2 p.m. to go to the flats of Jesus María. It was such a good hunting! There were hundreds of doves flying everywhere. They didn’t regret it! 

Everyday we went hunting up to 4 p.m. Then it was time to relax. We went to the lodge and had some appetizers and drinks. They also enjoyed all the facilities of the lodge. The weather during October is quite cold at noon, so they missed the swimming pool. Yet, at night, it was a perfect time for a drink near the firepit. Seeing the dads and their sons enjoying their first hunting experience was so fulfilling! They had a blast! 

The main goal of the trip was having a great experience for the boys. And so it was!

The day after these two cool dads and their sons arrived, very early in the morning -around 7:10 a.m.-, two really good friends landed on Córdoba too. Julian, the driver, met John and Randy. So nice people! As it was so early, and they had plenty of time to get to the field, they stopped to have a quick breakfast. Coffee in the morning is a must, you know! After the morning ritual, they began the trip to the field, were the guys were waiting for them to begin with the hunting. That was the first of four exciting hunting days! Both, John and Randy, shot one thousand doves by the second day. The were talented shooters!

We usually went to the flatlands of Jesus María, but on the third day they asked to go the hills, a place that Randy had visited 6 years ago and wanted to go back. They get on like a house on fire with the guys in the field! Julian was John’s assistant, while Randy was with Maxi. We became good friends, so they invited us to have lunch with them. Food was delicious, as usual! Gabi Moyano, our chef, does the best asado in the world. Our guests were so happy. Asado is the most traditional meal in Argentina. We are well known for it!  It consists of beef, pork, chicken, chorizo and morcilla cooked in a grill called parrilla

The last day, we headed to the flats again for the final hunting. It was a perfect hunting day which gave final to a perfect experience in Argentina! They had such a blast that they are willing to come back the following day, but this time with their sons! We will be waiting for you guys! You are always welcome to Pointer Outfitters.


Field Guide Fede Silva

Edited by Julieta Romero Díaz

Pointer Outfitters Argentina




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We would like to share these cool pictures of some of the groups in the field yesterday. They are families and friends. We hope they had a great time! We were so happy to have them with us! #pointeroutfitters #pointerwingshooting #outside #shooting #argentina #explore #outdoor

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