Great Hunting Experience

"Pointer Outfitters has been an outstanding experience. Wonderful shootings, excellent guides and beautiful grounds!"

June is winter in Argentina so Cordoba is the perfect getaway from the hot weather in the US. The mornings can be a bit cold here but then it warms up and our guests can enjoy splendid days. 

The first thing you will see when you arrive at Cordoba airport is one of our representatives, with a wide smile, waiting for you. They will help you with your luggage, they will welcome you and then drive you to the lodge or field. In this case, we took our 4 guests straight to the field where Gaby Pedersini, our chef, was eagerly waiting for them with the most exquisite asado. This is our version of your barbecue!

The lunch was quite short, our guests were tired due to the long trip but anxious to start hunting. No sooner had they started than they couldn’t believe it! Maybe an hour later they simply couldn’t believe how many birds there were and how many they had already shot down! And the best part was that they still had a couple of hours left that day, and three full days to enjoy the crazy Argentine hunt!

The guys are all very nice people and great hunters. One of them shot as much as 700 doves and he went for more. He was determined to reach the 1000 doves. He wanted to join the 1000 doves club. They shot a lot. There were thousands of doves! They were so happy about the whole experience. They even asked us to come back to the same place in the afternoon. 

In the afternoon, one of our guests asked us to watch the match of Argentina so we took him to a local bar in Jesus Maria. There, he had some snacks and beer. He is a big fan of Messi and our whole team!! 

After the hunting session, we drove back to Agua de las Piedras Lodge, in Totoral city. There, our wonderful staff was waiting for them with tasty appetizers and more drinks, wine, beer, cocktails. At the lodge, our guests can ask for massage either before or after dinner and also, they can enjoy the drinks by a comfortable fire pit. Our friends took relaxing massages and went to bed. 

The next day, the guys were tired, there’s no way of not being tired with the intensity of the hunt, but they were happy as well. They had never ever expected to shoot so much! 

On the last day, the group continued having fun with their field assistants. They enjoyed every shot and mentioned to the field staff how good the trip had been. They were very satisfied with the whole operation. When the afternoon hunt finished, the photographer took really good shots of the guys with the birds. They could not wait to share them at home with their families and friends! The whole group was thankful to Pointer Outfitters for doing such a great job. We are really proud of that feedback! Back at Agua de las Piedras Lodge, more drinks and appetizers by the fire pit. It had been a memorable experience!

The following morning we drove our guests to the airport. We said goodbye, they said thank you! It was great having you! We hope to see you around again. 

What about you? Are you ready for your next adventure with us? 

You should be the next one!


Mariano Taboada 

Field Guide

Pointer Outfitters


Edited by Juliana D Olivo 

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