Hunting In Argentina Never Gets Boring

Three generations of Brady together: Grandpa Tim, Jeff & Tim junior. They came to Cordoba during winter time with four of their good friends.

Jeff, Tim Jr, Steven, Tim, Randall, Jason and Greff stayed at La Loma lodge, which is a beautiful and traditional estancia located in Totoral, a small town in the north of the province. 

On their first day we went hunting to Ciprian, a field located in the lowlands in Jesús María, Córdoba. The group decided to skip hunting in the morning, so we got to the field right before lunchtime. There were thousands and thousands of doves, so they were beyond happy! 

The following day, we headed to Santa Rosa de Río Primero, which is located at around 100 km away from the lodge. This time they rose up quite early in the morning, we picked them up at the lodge and the road trip began! We arrived just in time to see the first doves flying around in the morning. It was a great morning hunt! They shot for a few hours and at 10:30 in the morning decided to stop for a while and get some rest.

At around noon, Tim Jr asked us to pick his grandfather, Tim, at the lodge. He was tired and decided to skip the morning hunt, but the group agreed to wait for him before having lunch. 

During the afternoon hunt, Steven joined the 1000 Doves Club! He was thrilled and couldn’t wait to receive his t-shirt!

At dusk, they sat around a bonfire to get some rest before the trip back to the lodge.

On the third day, we drove to the north of the Córdoba, to La Para. Some of the hunters of the group were so tired that this time only 4 of them came. They did a great jog during the morning hunt, until a couple of field guides went to the lodge to pick the other 3 and take them to the camp to have lunch.

The afternoon shooting was great as well! The group was lucky because they got a lot of doves during the days of their stay here.  Before the end of the day, they organized a tournament and, seeing I didn’t miss a shot they didn’t want me to play! So I played the part of referee, but had fun anyway! They had a blast with the assistants at the field!

 On their last day, they decided to hunt nearby the lodge, so we headed to a field in Jesús María. They had lunch at the field and had a great afternoon hunt before flying back home!

They couldn’t be more tired, but, at the same time, extremely happy with the food, the volume of birds, the field assistants and guides and the service provided.


And you, would you like to be the next one?

Mariano Taboada 

Field Guide

Pointer Outfitters Argentina

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