Two Friends and Thousands of Birds

Sharing a good time with a beloved friend, shooting a great amount of doves and enjoying excellent food is one of the premises here at Pointer Outfitters Argentina.

On a cold Wednesday in the middle of July, we went to the airport to pick Richard and Gary. They arrived at 1.30 in the afternoon, a little bit late than what was scheduled since their flight was delayed. They were eager to hunt, so we drove them straight to the field. They had our traditional asados for lunch, changed clothes, met their field assistants and started hunting. Because it was already the afternoon, they only hunted for a few hours, but they had a great time. It was a good start for their trip! They were exhausted from the long flight, but yet their shared a good time with their field assistants and had some drinks before heading to the lodge. They stayed at La Loma lodge, a beautiful and traditional estancia built in 1908. It’s private, quiet, comfortable and cozy. Perfect to relax after a busy hunting day!

Upon arrival to the lodge they took pictures of everything because they were amazed by the estancia! The staff were waiting for them with drinks and picadas, which are cold cuts of deli meats and cheese. After that they had massages.

On the next day, they went hunting to the lowlands, in Jesús María. There were not as many doves as they were expecting, but they managed to do a great shooting! They were having a good time, but they wanted more doves. 

At lunch time, they headed to the camp, where the cook was waiting for them with asado. 

Asado is a traditional event here in Argentina, and it usually consists of beef, pork, chicken, chorizo and morcilla, which are cooked on a grill, called parrilla, or an open fire. Is accompanied by vegetables, which are also cooked in the parrilla: onions, pepper, eggplants, pumpkins, corns and zucchinis get grilled alongside. In this case, Richard and Gary had bell peppers cut in halves and filled with eggs. Delicious!

Aftery taking a 45-minutes nap, they moved to a different field. It was a good call, because there were a lot of doves! They both shot a thousand doves each, which they couldn’t believe! They were thrilled to receive the 1,000 Doves Club t-shirt when getting to the lodge late that afternoon.

The following say, they told us they wanted to go back to the same field as the day before. And so they did. It was a bit windy, but they shot a few boxes. After lunch, they headed to the lodge to get some rest.

Overall, it was a good hunting trip! They got along well with the whole team, and enjoyed the food and the wine!


And you… Would you like to be the next one?


Federico Gervasoni & Mariano Taboada

Field Guides

Pointer Outfitters Argentina


Edited by Agustina Ortubia

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