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Everything Youve Heard about Dove Hunting in Argentina is True

It’s always a great day when we get to greet new guests. This group is all experienced hunters but it was their first time visiting our gorgeous country. Everything they’ve heard about Dove Hunting in Argentina was an understatement. Great camaraderie, millions of Doves, amazing lunches and warm hospitality were key to making this an incredible trip!

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They are four great friends; Jay, Matt, Sid, and Clay. Everyone arrived on the 12th at noon and we were waiting for them at the airport with chilled drinks to enjoy the ride to the field. We had a good hunt, but everyone was a bit tired so they decided to call it an early day and go back to the Jesus Maria Resort to enjoy some appetizers, splendid massages and scrumptious dinner. 


The second hunting day was, to say the least, spectacular! Everyone joined the 1000 dove club and they couldn’t have been happier! We started the hunt pretty early in the morning and stopped for an amazing lunch at the field: dove tacos, followed by our typical asado and pears with red wine for dessert. Just see for yourself in the video and I’m pretty sure your mouth will water. The afternoon was amazing as well but we finished early because our guests decided to unwind at the resort. 


Once there, our hostess was waiting for them with some picada - a typical Argentine snack made up by different types of meat, ham, cheese plus great Malbec wine - all served in the magnificent wine cellar at Jesus Maria Resort. We got to share many anecdotes while listening to some country music our guests played for us and talked a lot about our Hunting Programs. Jay came to make the most out of this trip and booked a Big Game Hunt with us as well!


But on Saturday night, we change things up a bit. Fede Gervasoni and I planned a night out with our friends so we drove them to a bar in Jesus Maria, a town located at a 30-minutes drive from the resort, where Juan was waiting for us. We drank local drafted beer and laughed till we were holding our sides! What a great group of friends! 


On their last hunting day with us, they mostly wanted to enjoy and have a great time with the field staff, and so they started a competition with one another… Everyone had a blast! But this was not Jay’s last day. He also stayed a couple more days to do Big Game Hunt at Rincon Lodge in the hills and was very excited to hunt for a Water Buffalo and maybe a Red Stag… Make sure you follow this amazing trip here: Pointer Big Game


As we said goodbye to our dear friends, they left us a bunch of presents to remember their stay with us and thanked everyone for the top-notch service Pointer Outfitters provides. We all became good friends with them and hopefully, we’ll get to see them again in the near future! I can't wait to take them hunting once more!



And you, what are you waiting for to experience hunting with us firsthand?

You should be the next one!




Federico Silva


Field Guide


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