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San Luis Lodge 2014

When you arrive to Cordoba and you start your trip to the lodge, you do not know what is coming. It is a great scenic drive to the lodge. And the good news is that it only takes two trips, one to go and another one to come back to the airport. To go to San Luis Lodge to shot pigeons it takes two and a half hour driving through the hills of Cordoba, an amazing journey to enjoy before getting into one of the best Lodges in Yacanto. This was the first time for Josh, but not for Jim, John and the other Scottish friends.

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The Lodge itself is in a great location; close by to one of the smallest and most beautiful town in the hills of Cordoba. This town has a British style that makes it very comfortable. The furniture and all the setting at the lodge are top notch as in other lodges in Cordoba. Maria and Juan do a great work at the lodge; they really know how to make people feel at home.

The most amazing thing of our last hunting trip to San Luis was the unexpected rain. Normally this lodge starts the season after the rainy season, around April, and it is in a location, where in between April and September there is no rain at all. It was a little early for the pigeon shooting and we were there to shoot mostly doves and occasionally some pigeons. 

We saw a great volume of birds flying out of the roosting area when we realized that it had started to rain. We still managed to make some great shots with the rain in the middle. After lunch, the place seemed to be a different city; by then, the sun was shining and birds were flying like crazy.  We also moved to a feed lot for some pigeons at the end of the day.

We shot a 12 gauge semi Benelli with RD ammunition number 6; and most of our friends shot Berettas and Benellis semi automatic’s 20 gauge.

The guys were surprised by an amazing lunch at the lodge that day, and because it was James’ birthday we had a cork with a candle on the top of a special selected wine. After driving, hunting, having fun and eating a lot; we were so pleased to have a hot shower and a warm, comfortable bed waiting for us, that it was difficult for our friends to miss home that night.

For Josh was his first time in Argentina and his first time shooting big volume doves, he is an expert duck hunter in North Dallas and normally goes to Lake Texhoma or Paris, Texas to shoot some birds during the season. Now, our new goal is to have him and Adam coming for some ducks at San Javier Lodge during the next 2014 season.

It’s very important for us that our guests feel like home. At San Luis lodge, they are welcomed with a personalized note in each bedroom and also the staff is always happy and ready to help with any inconvenient. The very well decorated rooms and bathrooms, and especially the cleaning of the lodge is something every guest admires; even in a muddy morning it is difficult to see our foot prints around this magnificent British style construction. We have promised that with the next group we will have some time in the fire pit with a glass of cognac and a cigar.

One kind gesture at the hunting field was to stop for a gin tonic in the morning to relax our shoulders and have a camaraderie time. Federico Clausen was a great host, always taking care everybody was having a great time. We expect some of our friends to come shooting San Luis in the next days, and we are anxious waiting for the peanuts harvest that promises to be a great pigeon hunting time.

Are you ready to come join us in May? We have one last spot in between 13th to 19th May 2014.  Or in our special dates in July: 12th to 16th.

Contact us for an amazing trip. Join us for a great mixed bag hunting trip, with a private plane included for 6 people.

We will stay tuned. Let us know your thoughts.

Pablo Aguilo,

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We would like to share these cool pictures of some of the groups in the field yesterday. They are families and friends. We hope they had a great time! We were so happy to have them with us! #pointeroutfitters #pointerwingshooting #outside #shooting #argentina #explore #outdoor

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