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Many Many Many Birds

Wayne, Conrad, Parker and Steven visit us from Texas. Although most of our guests come from Texas, from time to time we get visitors from other parts of the USA and the world! We’re excited to welcome this group.

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The weather is nice, sunny and warm temperatures even though June means the beginning of winter for our southern hemisphere. Weather affects the birds behavior but the season in Argentina goes all the year round. We have fields strategically located in all areas depending on birds’  behavior at different time of year. We picked our guests at the airport and drove them straight to the field. There, our chef David had prepared a lavish asado. Medium rare tenderloin and also ribs, chicken, sausages. David had also prepared chimichurri, our delicious argentine sauce to pair all the meat cuts. We were also very happy to be using our new yeti coolers wrapped in leather, another very distinctive Argentine feature. 

After our guests had finished with the delicious lunch they went over to the gun display we had prepared from them to choose from. Three of them preferred to use semi automatic guns. Wayned asked us to use our brand new over and unders, Beretta Cal 28, a great gun for this activity in Cordoba. 

Our guests decided to relax a few more minutes before starting the hunt. We had hammocks hanging by the trees, very comfortable to rest after such a hearty lunch!

At about 2 pm, we start seeing a great volume of birds flying over the field. The field we went to was located in the lower areas were corn had just been harvested so food was abundant on the ground. As if it couldn’t get any better, a nice and wide river run through the field. 

Our guests were just amazed at the volume of birds, they were speechless! Father and son shoot together! They enjoyed this quality time. Wayne, the group leader, spoke good Spanish and invited us to shoot with him. It was a very pleasant invite for me, we had a great time!

Part of our routine at the field is to offer our guests a 45 minute massage when they return to the lodge. Professional massage therapists perform the massage and our guests really love them! It makes a big difference when you’re shooting more than a thousand shells a day!

When we decided to call it a day and make our way back to La Loma Lodge, we pick up our guests from their blinds and greet them with ice cold beers. It’s only a short way from the lodge, were La Loma staff will be waiting for them with warm towels to clean their hands and faces while they grab a drink and nice appetizers.

After the group left, a couple of days later we received this email from them:


I wanted to let you know we made it home safely and have fully recovered from the travels.  The weekend provided enough time for me to share the weeks experience with my friends and family and now they understand why I am planning to return!! 

I want to thank you for a wonderful hunting experience last week.  Not only was the lodge staff friendly and thoughtful and most courteous, the field staff were equally as great.  I want to specifically commend Martin.  He checked on me from time to time while in the field and even spent time hunting with me at my request.  He was concerned if I was enjoying the hunt and satisfied with everything and asked several times if everything was OK.  He seems very loyal to you Pablo and wants to uphold the quality that makes your reputation shine.

It was certainly good to meet you, your staff and especially your lovely wife.  Silvia was very kind to take us around Cordoba and allow us to leave a few more dollars in Argentina!!  Please let her know my wife (Nancy) loved her gift.

When you make a visit to Dallas please give me advance notice and do plan on visiting with me and my wife over dinner.  My treat!!

Thanks again,

Wayne Sanderford

Martin Andrada

Head Guide

Pointer Outfitters




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