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Welcome to the Hunting Cabin

William, Ronald, Lucas, Brad, and Andrew arrived at Parana Airport on the 22nd of June at 13.35 pm. Francisco and Federico were our company representatives in charge of greeting our guests and taking them to the lodge. This group was extra special for us because they were the first group to stay in our new and renovated lodge: The Hunting Cabin.

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Fede and Fran drove them to the lodge where our chef Lucas was waiting for them with a platter of cheese and cold cuts, typical of the Italian heritage that’s part of the Argentine culture. 15 minutes later, we were all ready to hit the field.

We divided our guests in two groups, one made up of Donald and Brad. They went towards the north, 10 minutes away from the Hunting Cabin. William, Lucas and Andrew made up the second group and went south, just 5 minutes away from the lodge. Both teams met our expectations, in fact, exceeded our expectations! It took them just 40 minutes to achieve their limits and by 6.30 pm we were already driving the short distance to the Hunting Cabin Lodge. Pablo, Juan and Lucas were waiting for our guests to assist them with a personalized service and attention to all the details possible to make our guests feel at their best. 

The next morining started very early. 5.30 am, a hearty breakfast was served to help uur guests wake up before we started ducks. The five of our guests went to the same field, and there we divided the group in different spots. Again, the limits were reached very soon after we started because our guest were very experienced hunters. After we achieved the limit, we went back to the Hunting Cabin. Our chef Lucas had prepared delicious hot appetizers and drinks. Given that the night had been short, our guests had a mid-morning nap until it was time for lunch. The weather was threatening with some showers, so we decided that for the afternoon it was a better call to go for ducks instead of doves. Our guests asked us to use a different gauge, they went from 10 to 20 and they achieved the same awesome results as in the morning. For dinner, our chef Lucas did it again. Another delicious dinner to celebrate successful hunts and to offer our guests the chance to enjoy the delicious Argentine food. 

The third day started with ducks again. Ducks call for early mornings, so at about 6 am we were already leaving the Hunting Cabin to an area 10 minutes away from the lodge. Ronald and Lucas decided to shoot together, it was a new experience for them and they were very excited.

The afternoon had long been expected. DOVES! Finally, the dove hunt! The área was Colonia Teresa, 20km away from the Hunting Cabin. Our guests were just speechless! They were impressed by the volume of birds, specially Ronald who was the most experienced hunter of the group. The dove hunt lasted until 7 pm. All the way back to the lodge and all dinner was about THE DOVES. Oh boy, what an experience they had had!

We always say that is not easy to have a fixed itinerary, and we also like to cater our guests’ desire. So for the third day, three of our guests, Brad, Andrew and William, decided to go for ducks while Lucas and his dad asked us to go for perdiz. 

The duck’s team went to an area 15 minutes away from the Hunting Cabin and they achieved their limit very quickly. The perdiz team started a bit later in an area 10 minutes away from the lodge and they obtained all the birds the quota allowed very soon. Their hunt was done with an Italian Pointer dog, 2 years and a half old. 

In the afternoon, needless to say, our guests asked for DOVES! They had an equally amazing experience with great volume of birds and great success. 

Time flies when you are having fun, and very soon it was our last morning hunt. At 6 am sharp we were in the field, just 10 minutes away from the Hunting Cabin and we were ready for the ducks. This time, the session was a bit longer than the previous ones and we finished at about 9 am. By 10 am our guests were ready and we drove them to the airport.

 It was a pleasure to have them hunting here! We hope to see them again soon.

You should be the next one!

Federico Silva

Hunting Guide

Pointer Outfitters



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