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Get Ready to Go Crazy

The weather had been acting up a bit on the day Jeremy Adkins and his group arrived, so one of the flights was delayed and the members of the group arrived at different times on the 30th of June. When they finally were together, they met at the field for a lavish lunch with the well famed Argentine beef.

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They were just exhausted but amazed at the birds as well. The tiredness did not stop them from enjoying the hunt!!!

After a couple of hours, we were about to finish the day but we decided to wrap it earlier. Our guests were too tired, the volume of birds had been really intense, hunting non stop. At La Loma Lodge, our professional massage therapists were waiting for our guests for a 45 minute massage session and all the staff at La Loma lodge were waiting to meet them as well, with delicious snacks, appetizers and more drinks. 

Fort he second day, we decided to leave earlier in the morning and drive a bit more towards the east to have the first full day of hunting. The morning was a bit windy, but it didn’t stop them from hunting. In the afternoon, we changed fields, although still in the same area. There, the wind was not as strong as in the first field so the hunt was way better and much more enjoyable. Our guest managed to achieve really good numbers in less time than expected. 

For the second full day, our guests had a clear goal, shoot a thousand birds. They were off to a good start, the birds were in swarms. By lunchtime, we stopped to enjoy a delicious asado. Grilled meat cuts cooked by the fire of local wood. Seasoned with chimichurri, a delicious herbal sauce typical from this country. At lunchtime, the group comments on how good they are doing towards their goal of achieving 1000 birds in one day, so they relax a bit, enjoy the delicious dessert that our cook Mary has prepared for them and then, join a new group of guests who have just arrived for a nice talk over the lunch camp. 

For the afternoon hunt, Chuky asked us to go back to the same place where he had been hunting that morning. He wanted to make sure he could achieve the 1000 birds. So, when Tyler and Jeremy decided to call it a day, they went to Chuky’s spot and started cheering and encouraging him to get to the 1000 birds. He was only thirty birds away from his goal. 

They were extremely happy when they retuned to the lunch camp. They had achieved their goal and they were ready to celebrate with some ice cold beer. Once we were back at the lodge, we gave them their 1000 birds club t-shirts to take back home and show off among their friends. 

In their last full day of hunting, they decided to relax and enjoy the last day of this unique experience in Agrentina. The morning was more relaxed, the lunch was longer and the siesta in the hammocks by the shade of the trees lasted about an hour. Tyler left Cordoba that evening, but their friends had another full morning of hunting. They hunted together that morning, and after the last delicious lunch and the packing, we drove them to the airport. We hope to see them around soon!

You should be the next one!

Federico Gervasoni

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