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Doves and Red Stag

Enjoy this chronicle from Nick Sisley promoting Rincon de Luna Lodge for amazing Red Stag and dove shooting in Córdoba.

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Some extracts from the chronicle: “We had a choice — sneak up on three very high- and long-antlered red stags more than 500 yards away to the east, or there was a single huge bull downhillat the same distance to the south.

Either stalk was going to be through very open country. We had already attempted many such stalks that day, and every time ended up with a zero on our score card. The red stags of Argentina were proving their smarts to me over and over. Further, these red deer were playing me out because of the territory — steep mountains strewn with boulders the size of mansions all the way down to mere pebbles with every rock size in between. 

Though we were only at 5,000 feet elevation, I had stopped numerous times, gasping for air and resting weary leg and other muscles. Being 70 days shy of age 72 didn’t help these physical matters either.

Nestor, the guide, had just come back from the crest of the mountain we were ready to top out. He had been viewing the next valley over. I looked at him quizzically, to which he came back with, “Nothing of worthy size over on that side. We have those three to the east. It’s going to be tough to approach them because it’s so open, but that’s our only current option.” Nestor didn’t have a lot of confidence in his voice. But the best was coming, and before the end of the story let me tell you something about Red Stag and dove shooting:

Despite visiting wingshooters flocking to the Cordoba area and some of them shooting thousands of birds a day, the dove population continues unabated. Every body knows how good is Cordoba for dove shooting. We would like to share with you what it is an amazing program today: Combination of doves + Famous Red Stag.- 

There are a few places in the world where you will be able to combine the best wingshooting with the best big game shooting ever. Northern Cordoba offers the unique opportunity of three days of dove shooting in combination with four days of big game hunting in the mountains of Calamuchita Valley. Argentina and New Zealand have a top reputation in Red Stag Hunting.

This is a great program to take a week off. Season goes from February to July. 

This program has a very important positive mark: the logistics. You will avoid the hassle of domestic flights that go from one location to the other. It will only take a three-hour drive from any of our dove shooting lodges to arrive at the big game lodge, ready to enjoy some amazing red stag, challenging mouflon, the big buffalo or some other game options we offer with our partners at Rincon de Luna.

So, lets get back to the end of the story about Red Stag in Rincon when Nick was just in fron of his great red stag: “It took some wiggling on my part to get to a boulder where Nestor had already placed his backpack. My rangefinder had already told me the distance was 192 yards. Alerted, the bull was looking right at us. He was quartering slightly to his right, so I took him in his left front shoulder, and I saw him shudder once I got him back in the scope. He turned, took a

step or two and collapsed. “You got him.” Nestor kept exclaiming. I knew I did, but I still kept the crosshairs where they needed to be — just in case.”

You could be the next one to enjoy big game hunting and big volume doves. We will be here to take you for a trip of a life time.




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We would like to share these cool pictures of some of the groups in the field yesterday. They are families and friends. We hope they had a great time! We were so happy to have them with us! #pointeroutfitters #pointerwingshooting #outside #shooting #argentina #explore #outdoor

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