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You Are Better Off in Argentina

From the hot, hot Texas weather comes a group of friends to enjoy a bit of cool and awesome bird hunting. It’s a big party. Brothers, cousins, friends…They have been waiting to come to Argentina and see what all this is about. The best wing shooting experience in the country!

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They have chosen Plaza Real lodge to stay. Smart choice, this lodge is a good option to accommodate big groups. It has all the comfort and the logistics planned for big groups. 

Our field guides plan for the mornings to start very early so as to make the most of the first flights of the birds, when they leave the roosts for the fields in the lower areas to have a feast in the crops of corn and soybean being harvested at this time of year. After that first movement, the mornings get a bit quiet. But let me warn you, relax, because the afternoons will be intense. Swarms of birds everywhere. When we stop for lunch, our chef is waiting for us with delicious dove appetizers. And then, asado, our typical barbeque cooked by the fire of local wood. Our guests usually love this moment, it is something very typical from our country. It’s your chance to take good photos and share them with your friends and family! The Malbec wine is on the table, some beers too. But before starting the afternoon session, some siesta time. Another Argentina feature, get some minutes of siesta before you go back to your daily routine.

At about 3 pm our guests hit the field again. Our guest are astonished by the amount of birds in the afternoon. Swarms and swarms flying over our heads, they shoot them for a while, but then stop and take some pictures, make some videos, record everything in their memories forever! Our guests have requested to use semiautomatic guns, 20 gauge. This is just some of the guns we have to offer from our ample variety. Their performance is outstanding, they have a thorough cleaning process every day to make sure the shooting accuracy they offer is outstanding. 

By 6 pm we go back to Plaza Real Lodge. The massage therapists are waiting for our guests to relax sore muscles. So necessary after so many shells fired! The routine after a day at the field usually goes like this, you get to the lodge and more food and drinks await. Usually some appetizers and cocktails by the fire pit. What a nice place to relax and share the anecdotes of the day! Then, our chef lets us know that dinner is ready so we make our way to the living room. This is another chance to taste Argentine food. More meat, delicious sweet deserts, Malbec wine. 

One of the nights at the lodge, a professional sommelier explained to our guests some characteristics of the wines. The smell, the colors, the tannins. A selection of special wines were enjoyed: DV Catena Chardonnay (white wine) DV Catena Malbec, Angelica Zapata Malbec, and Saint Felicien Malbec. This activity was organized from out Travel and Leisure Department, in charge of planning non hunting activities after our guests’ requests. The wine tasting is a favorite among our guests.

The following night, Cici had another special and fun plan for these guys. A magic show! Our guests had so, so much fun. You know how they say seeing is believing, and sometimes when you watch TV shows about magic tricks you don’t really believe them because you think that there might be some behind the scenes way of cheating the viewers…Well, we were all open mouthed watching the tricks the magician performed and we couldn’t understand how they worked! Just pure magic maybe?! In one of the tricks, some water disappeared from a glass. In another one, one of our guests signed a card and put it into his own mouth, held it tight between his teeth….and somehow the card with the signature appeared in the magician’s mouth. We were all watching this and none of us could explain it! It was just so, so much fun! Thanks Cici from the Travel and Leisure department!

All our guests were extremely satisfied with the trip and the staff, from the field assistants to the people at the lodge. Everybody! We said goodbye and we hope to see them again in the close future!

You should be the next one!

Maidel Aversano

Hostess and Lodge Manager

Pointer Outfitters




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We would like to share these cool pictures of some of the groups in the field yesterday. They are families and friends. We hope they had a great time! We were so happy to have them with us! #pointeroutfitters #pointerwingshooting #outside #shooting #argentina #explore #outdoor

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