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It is a Guys Trip

Winter has just started, the mornings can be a bit chilly but in the afternoons the sun warms up the day. Our friends from Louisiana are here; Dad Chris and his three sons Jake, Sam and Max. They have decided to come on a men’s trip. Mom Christine stayed at home!

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These people have this attitude we love: they are ready to have an awesome time no matter what! When they left they were beyond greatful to everybody, the field assistants, the cooking staf, the guides, the lodge staff, just everyboby!

The mornings were a bit quiet, but the birds in the afternoon did not give us a break! Such a great volume of birds!

At midday, our chef Gabi Pedercini prepares different appetizers each day featuring doves. Dove skewers, dove stir fry, dove tacos, and many more. Let the chef surprise you! The Argentine asado doesn’t keep our guests waiting. Sausages, loin, pork belly, flanks, ribs. Beef, pork, chicken. All you can imagine, cooked to perfection, well seasoned, a delicious lunch every day. Malbec wine bottles are uncorked and then later a warm siesta by the shade of local trees is enjoyed. 

Like I’ve said, the afternoons do not give us time to relax. The flow of birds is non stop, llike a river! This leaves our guests speechless. So many birds they do not know which one to shoot! It’s a good way to practice difficult shots. One of the days this group spent in Argentina happened to be very windy. It made the birds fly really fast and in all directions. It looked hard at the beginning but it ended up being a lot of fun and great practice!

All in all, each day was different and unique. We went to different fields, specially chosen to give our guests a unique experience, the authentic experience of hunting in Argentina. With the afternoon, we decide to wrap the day and we take them back to Plaza Real Lodge where some appetizers are served by the firepit. When dinner’s ready we receive the call. Our chef surprises us with tasty creations every day. More appetizers after the ones we had by the firepit, main course and desert. Another chance to taste the well famed Argentina beef, maybe some empanadas and flan con dulce de leche. After dinner, our guests go back to the fire pit. Some more drinks and then, off to bed to relax before another very very intense day of hunting!

From our Travel and Leisure department, a wine tasting with a professional sommelier has been organized for our friends. Some of the wines were DV Catena Chardonnay (white wine) DV Catena Malbec, Angelica Zapata Malbec, and Saint Felicien Malbec. Argentina is well known worldwide for its wines, so what a chance to learn more about this country and make lifelong memories! Another very cool activity was organized for our guest. A magic show! And let me tell you, this was amazing! It will blow your mind! Our guests had a lot of fun, after dinner the magician came in and started amazing us with his tricks. We had a lot fun during the show but also after. We just couldn’t stop thinking about the tricks and how he made them! You know, sometimes you watch the shows on tv, and you think maybe because you’re not seeing it first hand there might be some ways of tricking the viewer to perform the show and do the so called “magic”, but this time, oh boy! We were just there, the magic was being done in front of our eyes. And we just couldn’t believe it! Some tricks left us speechless. What a great night!

I’m very greatful to have had the chance to share with this awesome family! Having great time hunting together, the only words you could hear all the time from them were "Thanks, this is outstanding ! The best ever! The best people ever! The best service and hospitality ever." 

Thank YOU Wagner family for choosing Pointer Outfitters for this special men’s trip! 

Hope to see you around soon and this time the complete family!

You should be the next one!

Maidel Aversano

Hostess and Lodge Manager

Pointer Outfitters




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We would like to share these cool pictures of some of the groups in the field yesterday. They are families and friends. We hope they had a great time! We were so happy to have them with us! #pointeroutfitters #pointerwingshooting #outside #shooting #argentina #explore #outdoor

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