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The Lastest News from Mixed Bag Land

It was 13:10pm when I first met Anthony, Darrell, Keith and Alan. They came from Houston and stayed one day & one night at Buenos Aires city before coming to Santa Fe for the Mixed Bag program. They told me they had a very nice city tour the day before: “Cici did an excellent job”, Anthony said.

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Cici works full time at Pointer’s office at the Travel and Leisure department and she is in charge of all the non-shooting activities (such as horseback riding, winery tours, city tours, shopping tours, golf days, among others), and she is also the main responsible at our Travel and Leisure service. 

While the guys were having some juice and ice tea, Francisco, Federico and myself took their luggage and put them in separate rooms. We have up to 8 rooms at San Javier lodge, where all of them can be used as single or double occupancy. San Javier is a traditional Argentine Estancia, located in the north of the Santa Fe province. It is one of the best options for duck hunting in Argentina. The hunt is on the marshlands and islands of Parana River. The driving time from the airport to the lodge is one hour and thirty minutes. For those guests flying private charters, landing takes place forty minutes away from the lodge.

We had a nice lunch where we introduced us to each of our guests and after a few stories and laughter I explained the guys a few things about the hunting and the people they would meet those days. Francisco and Federico came and pick them up for their first hunt by 4 o’clock in the afternoon. Duck hunting can be very close to the lodge, like about 5 minutes driving the closest one and up to 25 minutes the farthest one. By sunset the guys were back at the lodge, very happy and excited they were able to make the limit; all of them. It took them a little longer than they thought it would take them. I explained them our shells are little slower but that was not longer gonna be a problem after they go dove hunting. You can practice and shoot a lot when you go for doves, since we have no limit on them and they fly for 2 or 3 hours in a very big volume, allowing the guys to kill 500 in one afternoon if weather and accuracy are good enough. We waited for the guys with some beers and an appetizer outside near the fire and after a 40-50 minutes talking they went to their rooms to change their clothes. Anthony, on the other hand, stayed with me and we had a great music conversation. 

That night we had a delicious dinner. A kind of coleslaw for starters. Tasty purple cabbage with a nice sauce. Dinner was the well-famed Argentine beef, cooked and seasoned to perfection together with mouthwatering grilled vegetables and a sauce similar to mayonnaise, our own homemade version of it! Dessert was as Argentine as you can get. Arroz con leche, which translates as rice with milk. A delicious, soft and creamy rice pudding with loads of cinnamon. I had that feeling, when you are already full but you just want to keep eating. And it was the same feeling every day with each different meal our cheff prepared.  After we finished we stayed like about one more hour at the table telling different stories and anecdotes. I offered the guys some whisky & coke and we moved to the living room for like one more hour. We had a great night and after a few drinks and with the help of a warm fire, the guys were ready for bed. I gave them a bottle of water each for their rooms and I’ll see them at the following day.

We woke up by 5:30, had breakfast at 6am and they went hunting by 6:30am. They did ducks in the morning and doves in the afternoon. It took only 40 minutes to Keith and Anthony to do their limit and since Alan and Darrell were still a few ducks below the limit Francisco took them back to the lodge in one of the trucks. 30 minutes later we were all together at the same bar where we usually wait for the guys on their way back from the fields. We lost Darrell a few minutes later ‘cause he went to his room for an hour massage. That night the guys had dinner without me. I joined them for about 10 minutes and went to the Hunting Cabin to check the other group that was hunting with us at the same time. Francisco covered me and stayed with the guys for about one hour till I came back. 

The following day we did ducks and perdiz in the morning and doves in the afternoon. We usually do 2 hunts per day, but since they were leaving to the airport by 10am from the lodge we didn’t want them to do everything in a rush. They usually come back before 10am from duck hunting in the morning, but the idea was that the guys were not too tired to travel. So doing the 3 hunts the day before allowed them to wake up later and have a shower before they left. Finally, it was time to leave. Anthony and I exchanged shirts. I gave him a Pointer one and he gave me a blue t-shirt with the shiner logo on the right top front. He told us he will visit us at the next Safari Club and he will send a guy from the company with a few beers so we can give them away to people at the convention.

We all shared a few more laughs and jokes and after a few hugs Federico and Francisco took them back to the airport. There was no time to rest. I went back to my room, took a shower and waited for Francisco who was coming on the way back with 2 new guests: Brent and Kristi. 

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We would like to share these cool pictures of some of the groups in the field yesterday. They are families and friends. We hope they had a great time! We were so happy to have them with us! #pointeroutfitters #pointerwingshooting #outside #shooting #argentina #explore #outdoor

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