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The Beginning of a Friendship

All the excitement about coming to Argentina starts months ahead planning the trip and it keeps growing and growing. You get to the airport, and you’re finally almost there. We pick you up, welcome you and take you straight to the field.

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Lunch will be ready waiting for you, but this group just wanted to start shooting.They had been waiting for this since they left their homes. That first day we chose a field close to the airport in the city of Jesus Maria. They were definitely not expecting such an awesome experience for the very first hunting session. So, so, so many birds that they would stop the shooting just to observe and admire the volume of birds. They took some pictures and made videos. A moment to remember!

Later that day, James and John decided to join their sons to see how they were doing and how much they were enjoying it. They stayed there, sharing the hunting spots with their sons and continued having fun together until the day was over. We took them to La Loma Lodge, where our guests had chosen to stay, and the staff were waiting with appetizers and drinks by the fire pit so that they could relax until it was time for dinner. 

The hunting of the following days took place in the same area. We have staff permanently working on the birds migratory patterns to make sure the fields were we take our guests have abundant volume of birds. For the second day our guests had one clear goal in mind: shoot down 1000 birds. John was the only one who achieved the goal. He was astonished, he couldn’t really believe it. It’s so difficult to achieve it for one thing, and also impossible in his home country. Once we were back at the lodge, we gave him his 1000 doves T-shirt. More than a friend will be jealous I guess…

After John had broken his personal record, the rest of the team became more focused. They wanted to shoot the thousand birds too! Their field assistants were cheering them up, chanting and supporting them! At lunch time the maths were done. Each one knew how many birds they had to shoot to become members of the 1000 doves team. It was the last hunting afternoon of the trip. So it was now or never. Or better put, now or in the future, because this trip down south was just the first one of many to come.

When the sun started to go down I started hearing laughter and screams of happiness. They made it! The four of them now belonged to the one thousand doves team and went back home with their super cool 1000 doves t-shirts. They couldn’t wait to tell their friends and explain that unique feeling you only get in Cordoba with Pointer Outfitters!

It was time to leave, so they said good bye to their field assistants and told them they would definitely come back because they had had a great time, great service and they had felt like at home at all times. We were really proud. This is why we do our best with every group. 

You should be the next one!

Federico Gervazoni

Field Guide

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We would like to share these cool pictures of some of the groups in the field yesterday. They are families and friends. We hope they had a great time! We were so happy to have them with us! #pointeroutfitters #pointerwingshooting #outside #shooting #argentina #explore #outdoor

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