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Great Hunting All Year Round

No sooner had we welcomed this group that we started feeling that we were going to have a blast! Their friendliness and good mood was contagious. As soon as we started our way to the lodge, our guests decided that they wanted to stop by the lodge to get into the hunting clothes and then go to the field.

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There, our field assistants and cooking staff were waiting for us. Lunchtime was long overdue, and despite being more siesta time than lunch time, our chef produced delicious sandwiches for our guests. With full bellies and recovered energy, the team started hunting. They had fun for about an hour and then they decided to get together by the lunch camp to relax and chat. They were tired from the long trip from the USA to Cordoba, the center of dove hunting. 

So the next day was off to a better start because our guests had had time to recover from the long trip. After a hearty breakfast at La Loma Lodge they joined their field assistants in a field towards the east of Jesus Maria town. Our field asisstants are very helpful in the field and they also give advice to our guests to obtain a better shooting average. These hunters just couldn’t believe their eyes! So many birds, such a great experience! After a couple of hours we met at the lunch camp. Our chef David had prepared delicious dove appetizers, dove breasts wraped in delicious crispy bacon and fresh salads to compensate for the amounts of meat they’ll have in the coming days. When lunchtime was over, our guest had a short nap in the hammocks hanging by the trees. When they got up and started seeing the birds flying around, they were shocked! They were very surprised not just by the amount of birds flying but also by how much they shot. An hour and a half later, they had shot as many birds as they could shoot in their lives in their homecountries.

The next morning the Lozano brothers were relaxed, they had had so much fun the day before that they couldn’t believe how much energy their friends Oscar and Gordon had. In the afternoon they organized a competiton. Who could shoot 1000 doves first? Their field assistants were cheering them up!!!

Fort he fourth day they wanted to compete in groups of two. See who had the better shooting skills and better shooting average. From the lunch camp we could hear them laughing. While we were having lunch our guests asked if it was possible to go to some local pub that night to enjoy some drinks with their field assistants, because they had had a great time together. And so they did! They went to a local pub in town and shared some beers and anecdotes.

The last morning arrived and they were surprised, the time had gone really fast. They only had time to hunt in the morning, their flight was not going to wait for them! They wanted to catch the birds when they leave their roosts. That’s a cool moment, when you all these birds, like thousands and thousands of them flying. You can check some pictures of this moment. Most of our guests do not even shoot the birds. Just watch, it’s a pretty unique experience for passionate hunters. They made the most of the morning and then we took them to the hotel to have some food and get ready to leave. They promised to comeback with more friends, we cannot wait to see you again!

You should be the next one!

Federico Gervazoni

Field Guide

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We would like to share these cool pictures of some of the groups in the field yesterday. They are families and friends. We hope they had a great time! We were so happy to have them with us! #pointeroutfitters #pointerwingshooting #outside #shooting #argentina #explore #outdoor

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