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Doves in the Wild

Corey, Clay, Preston and Scott arrived to Cordoba at 4 pm. Instead of going straight to the field as we usually do, our friends decided it was better to recover from the long trip with some drinks. They were tired, but excited as well to be in Argentina for the first time.

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La Loma Lodge welcomed them with the great service and comfort that characterizes it. Pao, Flor, and the rest of the lodge staff made sure our guests had a relaxed evening so that they could recover their energy for the full day of hunting that awaited the next day. They enjoyed some drinks by the fire pit until it was time for dinner.

La Loma Lodge is a beautiful Argentine Estancia. Built in 1908 and renovated in 2014, it is perfectly situated between the two most prized dove roosts in Cordoba. La Loma experience offers superb shooting year-round. It is a 60 minute drive from the airport; close to Totoral City on national road number 9.

Early the enxt morning we went to the field. Our hunters couldn’t believe the welcome by the field assistants and cooking staff. Everything was ready for them, so we didn’t waste no time and after each hunter went to their spots, the fun began. I visited them a couple of minutes later. They were very surprised by the amount of birds, they couldn’t believe it! When it is the first time our guests visit this country, they find the volume of birds impressive. 

During the following days, our guests hunted in pairs. It was a competition! At lunchtime they would check which team had shot down the most birds or who had the best shooting average. The conversation and the competititon did not distract them from the amazing lunch prepared by our chef. The well-known Argentine beef cooked in the most traditional way. They had pictures taken with the Asado, what we call our bbq, and with the chef. So many memories to share back home! They said lunch was delicious. Malbec wine, sweet desserts and maybe a short nap completed the lunch break. 

By the third day, Corey, the group leader had already made up his mind. He wanted to come back to Cordoba to repeat the experience. Next time, he would come with his son he said. They were tired, there’s no way of not being tired with the intensity of the hunt, but they were happy as well. They had never ever expected to shoot so much!

For the last day, the group continued having fun with their field assistants. They enjoyed every shot and commented to the field staff how good the trip had been. They were very satisfied with the operation. When the afternoon hunt finished, we had the photographer take really good shots of them with the birds. They coulndt wait to share them at home with their families and friends! The whole group was thankful to Pointer Outfitters for putting out such a great job. We are really proud of that feedback! Back at La Loma Lodge, more drinks and appetizers by the fire pit. It had been a memorable experience!

The following morning we drove our guests to the airport. We said goodbye, they said thank you! They promised to come back! We hope to see them around soon!


You should be the next one!

Federico Gervazoni

Field Guide

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We would like to share these cool pictures of some of the groups in the field yesterday. They are families and friends. We hope they had a great time! We were so happy to have them with us! #pointeroutfitters #pointerwingshooting #outside #shooting #argentina #explore #outdoor

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