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Mixed Bag Season in Full Swing

Martial, Kenneth and Nick were scheduled to arrive on the 25th of May at the San Justo runway but the climatic conditions were not good. Their flight was redirected to the Sauce Viejo Airport of Santa Fe Province. We picked them up and we were incredibly excited to have them.

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Our mixed bag season had just started and we couldn’t wait to join in the fun. So the flight was rescheduled for one hour later, then picked them up and decided to have some snacks, get into the hunting gear and start shooting. At about 4.30 we started the duck hunt in a field were rice had just been harvested, only 350 m away from the lodge. The hunt was really good and our guests were satisfied. But that was just a taste of what they were going to experience in the days to come. 

Ducks mean early mornings, so by 5, 30 breakfast was ready at San Javier Lodge. This is a typical Argentine estancia located in the north of the Santa Fe province. It is one of the best options for duck hunting in Argentina. The hunt is on the marshlands and islands of Parana River. The driving time from the airport to the lodge is one hour and thirty minutes. For those guests flying private charters, landing takes place forty minutes away from the lodge. 

At 6,30 am we were ready to go hunting. The area was the same as the day before but the hunting spots were different. The hunt was very good and our guests enjoyed it. By 9.3 am we were back at the lodge. The staff was waiting for us with drinks and appetizers. By midday we had lunch and a different activity was planned for the afternoon. Or guests had asked for some fishing together with the doves, ducks and perdiz of the mix bag hunt. We got more than 20 Golden Dorados and Thomas was the star of the afternoon. 

Fort he third day, we had an even earlier wake up call. At 4 am breakfast was served and we didn’t take long to get on our way to Pedro de Gomez Sello, the name of the area were we were going to be hunting. It was a double hunt that day, ducks in the morning and doves in the afternoon. The volume of birds flying was just amazing. Millions and millions of them. Our position that day was strategic, we were in between two lands of bush, were the birds have their roosts.

On the 28th we had Perdiz hunt scheduled. Perdiz hunt can be challenging and it requires accuracy. these birds are normally in small groups of two. It requires a well-trained dog, a professional guide with good skills to run the dog, and two shooters. We chose the west of San Javier town, the area of Raba. We got 21 perdices, a great number, and again Thomas was the main character of the hunt. Our professional field staff selects the areas where we hunt very carefully. The 50 square mile radius (129 km2) around the shooting area form one of the most amazing duck shooting reserves. On the northern area of the lodge, about 60 miles away, there are a couple of great roosting areas for doves, and the fields covered with natural grass have a great population of Perdiz. Our location is annually inhabited by over fifteen million duck during the season. People and outfitters talk about a population of twenty million dove. Our Company counts on thirty different shooting fields throughout the entire region.

In the afternoon of that day, our guests had requested another session of dove hunt. The volume had been so good that they wanted to repeat the experience. So we went back to the lodge, had a good, delicious lunch and then hit the fields again. We hunted until 6 pm. Again, swarms of birds flying over the area. So many shots fired!

Flying schedules were not a nuisance in this trip. Our guests had their private charter so for the last day they decided to postpone the departure time a couple of hours and enjoy another great session of hunt. Ducks in the morning, doves in the afternoon. What a way to wrap the trip! Again, climatic conditions were not favorable so we drove our guests to the airport were the plane was going to take off.

The mixed bag season has just started! Stay tuned and follow our adventures!

You should be the next one!

Federico Silva

Field Guide

Pointer Outfitters. 




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We would like to share these cool pictures of some of the groups in the field yesterday. They are families and friends. We hope they had a great time! We were so happy to have them with us! #pointeroutfitters #pointerwingshooting #outside #shooting #argentina #explore #outdoor

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