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A World Class Shooting

Sometimes trips do not begin as one is expecting. That is exactly what happened to Justin and his friends, who got delayed on their flight to Buenos Aires and that made them lost their flight to Cordoba. But this was not necessarily a problem to them at all.

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Instead of getting angry or having a typical reaction in those situations, these gentlemen enjoyed a great night in the awesome city of Buenos Aires. Pilar, who is in charge of Travel and Leisure activities, had organized for them a special dinner and a city tour in the capital city. I know they had enjoyed it!

The next day they flew to Cordoba with no problem. They were picked up from the airport and driven straight to the field for a dove shooting that compensated the lost day.

This group is very particular and it is their first time in Argentina. We recommend our clients to use shotguns like Benelli Montefeltro cal 20, and our new units Beretta 400, Beretta Silver, and beretta 391, as this shotguns are very light and fast to shot. The volume of doves on our fields is large, so you need to have a great machine to handle them. 

This group came in August, and in the northern area of Cordoba in which we have the fields, 100% of the birds are in the hills. It is the most recommended month for dove shooting since we are close to springtime and the weather is spectacular for this sport. Those days with our guests was a great success for them in terms of the hunting.

They were also very happy and satisfied with our field staff as they are professional guides who are behind every detail, seeking for the best.

Now, safety is very important, so we recommend you to be equipped with mutes Peltor Sound Trap.

This compact tactical headset earmuff attenuates noise, amplifies weak sounds while helping to provide tactical reliable hearing protection. Easily folds into a small package. Great for hunters, shooters or those with hearing loss.

Pointer Outfitters recommends this type of product because it always give us very good results.

Now, going back to the group... cheers to Chad!! On the third day shooting and after a lot of practice he shot 1500 doves!! Obviously he received his gift for it. A nice vest from Pointer with his achievement embroidered on it: 1500 doves.

Trips are remembered for the amount of good memories that you will have the rest of your life. I am sure that this will be one of the most remembered for them. But in case memory fails Justin has made a list of the funniest moments that they had during all the trip and I am sure it’s a really long one!

“It's a world class shooting!”, said Justin


Florencia Pezzollo

Operation Manager & Host

Pointer Outfitters





Thank you so much for this awesome trip. The service has been top notch, from the hotel staff to the hunting guides. This has been a trip of a lifetime. The hunting was everything I’d thought it would be plus way more. When you come you have everything you would ever need. The food was fantastic and the service all around again was 5 stars! Thanks again, hopefully I am able to come again in the future.

Chad Reynolds.




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