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New Friends Once Again

September accompanies us with great weather; sunny days with pleasant temperatures, this makes our customers and friends enjoy 100% of their stay.

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Staying at La Loma Lodge, this two groups were amazed with every comfort and quality care this lodge provides, heated rooms with fireplaces that make this Lodge super cozy place to stay in.

We accompanied two groups; Rafael Diaz and his family and friends, and Bob Collins with his wife Alicia, along with David and  Katherine Sudderth, great friends!

When talking about the fields, every day was a different one, each with its picturesque landscape. This is the perfect time for doves, since they begin in the mountains for all day long.

In the field our bird boy make the hunting a unique moment! Our clients only have words of thanks to them!

We have new shotguns Beretta and Benelli 20-gauge, which work very well, so everyone was very satisfied with how those shotguns work.

Lunchtime is a highly awaited moment with one of our chef, David, who was preparing us a  pigeon appetizer.

Enjoying a glass of Malbec and white wine, we sat down to eat good Argentine asado! That leaves everyone speechless!

Our desserts made by our pastry chef Mary unique in the area!

Following, we must take a quick nap down the shadows of the trees, letting us nothing left but enjoyment of the nature.

Evenings are amazing; the number of pigeons that pass without stopping are leaving our clients amazed every day. 

We ended the day in the field, went to the lodge, where we expect a different appetizer each day, and preferred drinks of our friends, and prepared ourselves for the firepit.

As Bob Collins says: "This is the best place ever!" While we have the appetizer of the day by the fire pit.

Some masagges are waiting for them. Our company has the best masseurs with different techniques which achieve relax every day.

These two different groups have made friends and have shared laughter and life histories, different experiences in other hunts around the world.

Dinners at La Loma Lodge are something exceptional, in fact, they are applauded every night by our customers, accompanied with Malbec wine and chardonnay make our menus unique!

We were fortunate to celebrate the birthday of Alicia Collins! That special day she received breakfast in her room. Later Silvia accompanied her to a city tour in Cordoba, a good lunch and the inevitable shopping. Once back at the lodge, we celebrated with a big dinner, cake and a toast! Alice and Bob were very excited.

Everything ends in this special trip! The two groups are going to Buenos Aires Argentina continue to enjoy!

They all left saying "the best trip ever! The best people ever! The best food ever! Everything outstanding! "


Maidel Aversano

Host & manager 

Pointer Outfitters




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