The lodge is located at a small town in Santa Fe. This place has a unique landscape, here you will be able to wake up and have a front row view of the beautiful San Javier River.


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-Doves & Dorado Fishing – Season: September 1st to April 30th
4 nights’/days $4,400 ($1,100p/night)  
3 nights’/days $3,600 ($1,200p/night)


-Duck, Dove & Perdiz hunting & Dorado Fishing – Season: 01 May to 30 August

4 nights’/days $7,600 ($1,900p/night)

3 nights’/days $6,300 ($2,100p/night)


Non-hunters: 50% off

These rates are for DIRECT SALES and are flexible based on the number of hunters in the group, month of the season, and availability, please do not hesitate to contact for an accurate quote and further info.

Please contact us for trips purchased through travel agents, US Representatives, NPO's, special events, others.

Check sales agents info below.


*Prices are per person in American dollars, based in double occupancy.

*Subject to change.


  • Accommodations based on double or single occupancy. 
  • All meals and drinks.                                         
  • Vehicles and transportation every hunt. 
  • Soft drinks, beer and wine in the field. 
  • Lavish asado (meat) lunches at the field. 
  • Land Lease fee.
  • Transfers from and to the airport.


  • Shells: $24 per box.**
  • Gratuities to guides and the entire staff are to be paid at the lodge at the final invoice.
  • Gun rental. 
  • Hunting License.
  • Local or international flights.
  • Insurance.
**Prices are suubject to change.


 Direct phone number to contact the Wingshooting department: (210) 417-4065

General Information

Mix Bag Hunt:

Species: Ducks, Perdiz and Dove.

Season: May to August.


Cast & Blast: 

Species: Dove and Dorado

Season: September 1st to April 30th.


This lodge with a very cozy enviroment will let you have a rest after an exciting day at the field. Here you will be met by our staff and be welcomed with cold drinks, hors d'ouvres and a relaxing fire will allow you to unwind from a glorious day afield and once you are thoroughly relaxed you will be called to the table and served a meal prepared by some of the finest chefs in Argentina.

Many of  our clients say that hunting and fishing bring them back to Argentina, but our lodges and staff bring them back to Pointer Outfitters.


The main house offers are the following facilities:


The River House Lodge is just in front of the San Javier River, and the living rooms windows allow you to enjoy it with every glance.

Also this particular Lodge is in a great location. You can hunt for duck, dove, perdiz, or go dorado fishing. Hop out the front door and the boat is waiting, or if you prefer, we can shuttle you to the fields in a truck.



Our menu was designed to include the most popular meals that are normally requested in any country restaurant. We wish to delight our guests with one unique meal every evening. We also serve special appetizers before dinner in the evenings. We are stocked to capacity with duck, perdiz, and dove breast. You like grilled dove breast with onion and bacon? Ha, we got it! Our Chef works passionately every day to satisfy all our guests. We provide a delicious dessert with every meal. If your lucky, you might even get to enjoy our famous sweet milk caramel or “dulce de leche”.

Great breakfast with eggs and bacon. “Asados” (BBQ), and special requests available. We also provide some amazing wine to go with dinner everynight. Lastly, do not go home without trying mate, the special Gaucho tea. Bittersweet never tasted so good!



The Fileds

Argentina is considered a dream for waterfowlers. One of the best options offered is the Parana River, one of the longest rivers in the world, surrounded by thousands of little islands that are just the right place for duck breeding. The Pilaga Island is also very famous for the amazing number of duck and variety of species that come every year.

The 50 square mile radius (129 km2) around the shooting area form one of the most amazing duck shooting reserves. On the northern area of the lodge, about 60 miles away, there are a couple of great roosting areas for doves, and the fields covered with natural grass have a great population of Perdiz. Our location is annually inhabited by over fifteen million duck during the season. People and outfitters talk about a population of twenty million dove. Our Company counts on thirty different shooting fields throughout the entire region.

The Hunting

The Hunting – The Ducks

Our duck shooting program starts early in the morning, when the field assistant drops the decoys close by to your blind. At that moment you probably are on the way to your spot. You woke up early and now you are in an amazing boat heading for one of the islands to get your birds. Wearing waders and armed with your shotgun, you will be ready for action before sunrise.

The Duck Program starts at 6:00 am with a hearty breakfast. Around 6:45 am we take a short boat ride to the shooting field. Schedules vary depending on the time of the year in between 20 to 40 minutes. After the morning shooting, we go back to the lodge for lunch and siesta. In the afternoon, we depart at around 3:30 pm for the evening duck shooting session.


The Hunting – Mixed Bag

We call Mixed Bag Program to the shooting combination of three different species in one place. The Mixed Bag Program offers you the best of three different activities. It includes the challenging shooting of ducks, the big volume shooting of doves and the unique perdiz hunt.

It is normally an average program of four nights. In the mornings you will shoot ducks or perdiz, and in the afternoons you will be shooting ducks or doves. This is a seasonal activity that we are offering during our winters (from May to August).

The perdiz hunt could be compared to quail hunt in Georgia or Alabama, but these birds are normally in small groups of two. It requires a well trained dog, a professional guide with good skills to run the dog, and two shooters. Please check in this website the section called the hunting for more details and pictures.

Dove shooting in this program is different from Cordoba’s Dove Shooting. The terrain is flatter, so there are not as many shooting angles in terms of presentation of the birds. The volume of birds is as good as in the well known Cordoba program, but normally in the afternoons birds fly in bigger volumes. It is important to know that you will have more than two hours of big volume shooting, what in Argentina means hot barrels and lots of action.



Gear and Equipment

We have wader and hip boots rental all sizes, please check with our office for reservations and pricing.

In case you need a little help, click here to find all these hunting supplies.


Gun Rental

For mixed bag hunts in Santa Fe we have all 20 gauge semi automatics, Benelli Montefeltro, Benelli M1 Black, Beretta Urika 391, and Beretta A400. 

At Pointer Outfitters, like in all Argentina hunting companies, all guns are used.  This is because of the high volume of shooting in dove hunts that makes any gun a used gun in just a short time.  We clean and service our guns routinely and keep them in top operating condition.

For better service to our guest, our policy is to have 2 shotguns per person per blind.  If you have a gun jam or mis-fires, your filed assistant will be able to change your gun quickly,  We want you to understand we work very hard providing a great hunting service, but infrequently gun issues do arise.

Your field assistant will be taking good care of you in the blind and if by any reason your gun needs to be replaced it will happen in a very short time.  All personnel have radios and all matters of importance can be relayed expediently.

Regarding chokes, we have mostly Modified and Improved Cylinder.  Please be sure to have your special chokes if you require something different.  Or if you will let us know about your special request before your hunting trip, we will make every effort to make it happen.


Travelling Here

Final destination for this hunting option is Santa Fe City (Sauce Viejo Airport).

The best international connection is through Buenos Aires (Argentina).

In Buenos Aires you'll arrive at Ministro Pistarini International Airport in Ezeiza (EZE) and you'll have to change airport to Jorge Newbery Airfield (AEP).

Here are great connections to Buenos Aires from New York, Miami, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta and Los Angeles.

IMPORTANT: Since you have to change airports in Buenos Aires, make sure that you have at least 4 hours between connections. EZE and AEP are located far from each other (almost 2 hours drive, depending on traffic).  

Most of our guests that come hunting in Santa Fe arrive on their check-in date and start hunting that same day. A different option is to arrive a day earlier in Buenos Aires, spend the night in the city and fly to Santa Fe the following day.

If there are no flights available to Santa Fe on your hunting date, you can also fly to Paraná, General Justo José de Urrquiza (PRA). Paraná is in Entre Ríos province, which is right next to Santa Fe, and its airport is located at the same distance as SFN.

Ministro Pistarini Airport (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Right now, 31 airlines operate out of Ministro Pistarini Airport. Ministro Pistarini Airport offers nonstop flights to 51 cities.

Every week, at least 126 domestic flights and 833 international flights depart from Ministro Pistarini Airport.

Sauce Viejo Airport (Santa Fe, Argentina)

Right now, only 1 airline operates out of Sauce Viejo Airport: Aerolineas Argentinas

When connections are through Buenos Aires (Argentina) you arrive to Ministro Pistarini Airport in Ezeiza and have to change airport to Aeroparque. It is 40 minutes in between airports and up to 80 minutes in rush hours.

Consider also private charters from Buenos Aires to San Justo.

From San Justo airport to The Lodge it is 45 minutes drive.

What people usually do is to arrive in Buenos Aires, spend the night there and take this flight the next morning since there is only one flight at 8:15 am to Santa Fe.

Final destination for this hunting option is Santa Fe City (Sauce Viejo Airport). From the city to the lodge, is a 2:10 hours drive.

And, to return, there are two flights from Santa Fe to Buenos Aires: one at 10.15 am and another one at 2.15 Pm.

Important airlines to be considered for international flights:

The best airlines flying Buenos Aires to Santa Fe:

Please, notice that the departing schedule might vary depending on the day you chose to take the flight.

You will arrive in Aeroparque and we will take you to Ezeiza for your flight back home.

We will organize your ground transportation in Buenos Aires to make it hassle free.


In order to make the most of your stay here in this beautiful country, partnered with Beagle Tours, our sister company with amazing professionals that will be greatly happy to assist you if you are interested in doing some kind of non-hunting activity in Argentina.

Our focus is to offer our guests the type of travel experience they wish in terms of hotel accommodation, activities and city tours.

We work every day to satisfy the needs of sophisticated and luxurious travelers and guests, as well as small private groups of friends seeking for a mid-rate trip, and even larger groups planning to have an affordable and nice experience. We specialize in custom itineraries based on your group's wishes and budget keeping in mind that anything that your heart desires can be found in our country: From the award winning wine to the highest mountain in the western hemisphere, salt flats and even glaciers. Tourist attractions in Argentina offer something for every traveler.

Thus, if you feel like visiting the one and only Iguazu Falls, doing a wine tour in Mendoza province, amaze yourself navigating around the Glaciar Perito Moreno at the very end of the continent in Santa Cruz province, letting yourself go while you enjoy watching a Tango Show in Buenos Aires province, or you just simply need hotel reservations, please, contact Beagle Tours manager Vicky Fallotico at [email protected] and she’ll be glad to help you.


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