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Alligators team

Chad is big as a bear, Raphael is kind and polite as a good shooter, Phil is the coolest guy to get some drinks at night, and she, Kelly, is the perfect wife for an outdoors man! Guess why?

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Mixed bag and Red Stag hunt

We had met Don Chapman at the SCI show in Las Vegas, and it was great; in a couple of minutes he said he would like to do a combination of mixed bag hunting and Red Stag. He was alone in Vegas but he promise to come with his wife Judy, and both of them join us 90 days later!

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From church direct to the field

Normally when you think about ducks, doves and perdiz hunting trips to Argentina, you will imagine a group of buddy’s coming together for 4 days hunting in the Paradise of wingshooting with one of the top-line companies; well for Andrew was different, he just got married and came to hunt with….

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We Had a Blast

Weather in May could be tricky and sometimes unpredictable! We were expecting a hard rain for Saturday and Sunday and maybe a change in the weather with temperature dropping off, But this last weekend was….

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We are from Ecuador

For the first time we have had a group from Ecuador that had visited us at San Javier Lodge. These gentlemen had hunted in Argentina more than 20 times. They have done wingshooting in many lodges and also big game, especially for Red Stag. So, we had a high goal to work hard and exceed their expectations.…

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Campfire experts

A couple of weeks ago we have been visited by some of our friends from the campfire and we have had a great time hunting doves in Cordoba. That weekend we had 14 people hunting with us. It was a busy time, but….

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Amazing Doves and Dorados

We have met with Derek and Colin many years ago! They have shot in Cordoba for many years. They are very good shooters and they normally like high quality birds. Both of them are from UK and this time would be different! For the first time they will be shooting doves and fishing dorados in the same lodge.

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Find you on Facebook

One morning, sitting in my desk with hot cup of coffee, I had started on internet opening emails, business websites, and Pointer Wingshooting social media links. There was a lot of email to answer that Wednesday and some meetings too; we were expecting a busy day at the office meanwhile our head guide…

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Big Joe is back

I was thinking about Big Joe; and I just remember a movie name, Who is Joe Black?. And I had probably remembered it because I think that you would like to know who Big Joe is, right?

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We exceeded her expectations

She is a great woman on her fifty’s. She had made the decision to do a special trip with her son and daughter for her 50 years birthday, and we have thought that San Javier Lodge was the best option for big volume ducks, unlimited doves, amazing perdiz, exotic snipe (or becazine) and also fishing or…

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Let me tell you about having fun

2 young chaps came to visit us a few days ago! I should say 2 young dudes, made it to Cordoba; or now, that we know them, we should say 2 great buddies came to hunt with us. Why did they come?

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The best pigeons ever

Our good friend Luis Moreno had made us a challenge. He had requested us if we will be able to take him shooting big volume pigeons one day in his next trip to La Loma Lodge in Cordoba. And of course we have said we will do our best to meet his expectations, his only condition was: “be ready for a…

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We would like to share these cool pictures of some of the groups in the field yesterday. They are families and friends. We hope they had a great time! We were so happy to have them with us! #pointeroutfitters #pointerwingshooting #outside #shooting #argentina #explore #outdoor

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