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Shooting Reports & News

The Hammer

What is the hammer? A betting game. Do I have any idea how it works after countless explanations? Nope. Was it explained adequately and at length? Yes. I will say someone lost a lot of money playing that game. The group of gentlemen that arrived brought the hammer down. Figuratively and literally.

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The Mischief Makers - Part I

You never really know what to expect when a group arrives. These particular gentlemen caught me off guard. They looked normal enough, soon I would find out how lively they really were. The gentlemen first to arrive were Frank Brienzi, Brian Edwards, Derek Ethridge, and Brian Herndon.

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A Warm Welcome

It was another cool breezy day in Cordoba, Argentina. The sun was out but it wasn’t overly hot. Clouds were moving in the distance perhaps signaling a storm that was yet to come. This particular group of gentlemen were from Lebanon and Syria. They currently resided in Houston and Dubia. They were all…

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The Wild Ones

The morning was pleasant. Plenty of cloud coverage and a soft breeze to accompany it. We were hunting on a local rancher’s farmland. The blinds were set up underneath sprawling trees on the edge of soybean and corn fields. Federico would be our head guide for the day. I accompanied Joshua, Cody, Andy,…

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Celebrating Friendship

Michael, Mike, Jeff and Max are a group of fathers and sons from Huston, Texas, and they are in their first trip to Argentina wingshooting. Accompanied by Maidel, an incredible breakfast is waiting for them on their first day at the lodge.

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Friendship at the Field

Our clients along with our manager, Maidel, start the little trip to a place called La Para, located in the northeast area of the capital of Cordoba.

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The One and Only Bland family

We started with the arrival of the family Bland on their first time in Argentina. They are a lovely family with two girls, huge fans of the dove hunting; Dirk and his family from Texas.

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Amongst the Corn

The air was fresh, brisk, and felt cool on my face. The clouds were holding their pattern at the moment, however I knew soon the midday sun would begin to heat the air. We were hunting a relatively new area; a vast stretch of farmland with ponds spread sporadically throughout it.

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A Great Group for a Great Amount of Doves

One of the best groups of the last few days we had the pleasure to be hunting with was the one of Peter Burke and his friends. They came here with their wives to spend a few days hunting and relaxing at La Loma lodge.

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Best Celebration Surprise Ever

One day, we received George’s call, but his request was about to change his trip and make it unforgettable. He wanted to celebrate his father’s 80th birthday hunting doves with me.

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Van Dorn Ready to Kill

January was a strong month for all of us at Pointer, and having our amazing friends Erik, Cody, Steven and Shannon from Texas with us was a cool experience that helped to make it all amazing.

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The Crazy Dancer is Back

Today is February 1st and I am pleased to receive some good old friends like Park, Rell and Mark, who joined the first-rate group of Hayne, Grant and Kevin. At 6 am my phone tells me that a new day has just started.

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We would like to share these cool pictures of some of the groups in the field yesterday. They are families and friends. We hope they had a great time! We were so happy to have them with us! #pointeroutfitters #pointerwingshooting #outside #shooting #argentina #explore #outdoor

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