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This Trip will Blow your Mind

We welcomed David and Daniel on the 6th of March. We met them at the airport and we went straight to La Loma Lodge so that our guests could get into their hunting gear and be ready to hit the fields. The assistants and the chef were waiting for us to enjoy the amazing day we had ahead.

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Empty Shells and a Lot of Fun

The 11th of February at 6.40 am Cory McAdams, Frank Silvia (Jimbo) and Luke Anderson arrived at Cordoba airport. David, a representative from our team, was happily waiting for them ready to take them straight to the field.

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You Better Make a Video

James, Joseph and Joshua arrived on the 7th of February at 9 am in our Airport Ambrosio Taravella. We picked them up and went straight to the field to have the first hunting session. There was no time to waste!

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Our Friends from England are Back

The 7th of February of 2017 we welcome Derek Shepherd (father), Damian Shepherd (son) and two friends, Colin and Michael from England. They arrived at Cordoba at 13.25, we picked them up and drove them straight to the lodge to have lunch and get in the right clothes for hunting.

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What a Wonderful Trip

February is my favorite month for dove hunting, and let me tell you why. The amount of birds is just unbelievable. This summer month is usually humid which means abundance of water for the birds making them move. The best destination this time of year is La Para roost.

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A Thousand Doves Team

When the alarm on my phone goes off, I know it’s time to start another hunting day. It’s 7am, as soon as I check outside through my window I can tell we’re going to have an amazing day in the field. It's warm, February is summer in Argentina and days are long and let us enjoy a great hunting.

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Another Trip to Argentina and Counting

It’s not surprising to see our guests come back after their first hunting trip to Argentina, we love to see them again. But when we have guests coming back year after year we know that we have made good friends. Rell, Mark, Brad, Tim and David have been coming to hunt with us for more than three years.

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Hunting in Argentina for the First Time

January has been amazing so far. We’ve had wonderful groups of hunters and we’ve seen them leave happy to have had the experience of their lifetimes. But January is not over yet and we are ready to welcome a new group. Each group is unique for us and we are always excited to meet them.

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It Is All About Doves and Having Fun

In the third week of January we had the pleasure to welcome a great group of people. Colt Power, Van Power and Billy Smith visited us from Texas. They arrived at Cordoba airport at 11.45 am and they had chosen to stay at the Plaza Real Lodge.

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Outstanding Hunting Performance

Matthew May’s group arrived in Cordoba in January. After they got to the airport, we started our way to the lodge straight away so that they could enjoy their day of hunting. Mat, James, William, Jason, Pat, and Trey chose to stay in La Loma Lodge, a great option for groups of friends.

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Hunting and Tradition

After the Dallas Show we start a new season. January is a hot month in Argentina, with temperatures of about 35 C. We have had a few days of rain but luckily, the beginning of the season is going great so far. Plenty of birds are coming to the shooting area in Las Sierras. The roads are in a good state…

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Kicking Off the New Year

January is a summer month and vacation in Argentina. The weather is very nice, warm in the mornings getting hotter towards the afternoons. Our friends Tim, Daniel, Dean and Bernard are our first guests to arrive in 2017 and we’re very happy to start a new season.

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We would like to share these cool pictures of some of the groups in the field yesterday. They are families and friends. We hope they had a great time! We were so happy to have them with us! #pointeroutfitters #pointerwingshooting #outside #shooting #argentina #explore #outdoor

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