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By Far The Best Hunt Ever Had

When you gather a group of friends and get everything ready for a hunting trip in Argentina, you know you are in for a treat.

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Cody, Brian, George and Glen arrived at separate times, that is, first Cody, Glen and George arrived to Cordoba. We picked them up and drove them to the lodge for a quick shower and change of clothes, since a golf day was waiting for them.

At Estancia la Paz, everything had been organized for them to play Golf. Since the nineteenth century, Estancia La Paz looms large in Argentina’s history, as it was the place chosen by the President Julio A. Roca to spend his days off. Through this legacy, Pueblo Estancia La Paz, became a unique development that combines history, nature, and style. The friends enjoyed a great day of golf, as a warm up for the intense shooting they were going to have the next day.

So the first thing we did the next morning was to go and pick up Brian from the airport and then, drive them to the lodge where he would finally meet his friends.

Once everything was ready, we drove to the Santa Rosa area, which is conveniently located nearby the hunting lodge. That’s the good side of hunting at the heart of Codoba, one of the many positive aspects. Fields and lodges are conveniently located; however, these guys woulnd’t have minded being in the van for a bit longer, since they were fascinated with the amount of birds they saw on their way to the field. At some point we stopped for pictures and videos. Of course! This is something you have to see to believe.

Once everything was ready and each hunter with each field assistant, we had the first of our guests to shoot 500 shells in less than an hour! Cody was trying to grasp the idea that in just half a day, he and Brian, in just a few hours of hunting, could shoot down 500 birds. Somewhere in the field, Glen and George had a different reasoning, take it slow! There were so many birds that they preferred to enjoy them calmly.

For lunch, our guests enjoyed some cocktails and our most traditional meal, asado. Fresh salads, delicious meat. When it comes to wine and grilling meat, we know what we do, and we can guarantee that the lunches at the field will create nice memories to take back home.

For their afternoon hunt, they changed the groups and Cody decided to shoot with Glen and, Brian with George. The hours went by and the amount of birds was constant. Some of them asked, how much longer to go? Lol! They were tired and the birds didn’t stop flying.

To ease the tiredness, we told Cody that he had achieved the 1000 birds in a day mark! So he stopped the shooting for the day and went over his father’s blind to share the news.

The next day, it was Brian who wanted to make it to the 1000 birds club, even more when he saw that he got his 1000 birds T shirt.

Every evening, once at La Loma Lodge, they sat by the fire and ejoyed appetizers and drinks until dinner time, which was around 8, and then, some more time by the fire until they were exhausted and decided they needed to have a good rest so as to keep hunting the next morning.

For their last day of hunting, they decided to have only a morning hunt and relax in the afternoon. And that meal was extra special because they decided to invite the field assistants to share the meal with them, to share the stories and have fun! They said goodbye to their field assistants and field chef and said thanks for all the fun and all they ate!

The next morning, I drove them early to Estancia La Paz again, to enjoy another day of golf all together before heading for the city of Cordoba, to a hotel where they would spend a few nights and enjoy the city as locals before heading home.

We’ll meet again, they said, hope it’s very soon!

You should be the next one!

Federico Gervasoni

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