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Doves Friends and Golf

Everything was ready for the first morning hunt at “Los Bajos” the most prolific area for dove hunting at this time of the year. All Pointer Outfitters team were there, with everything ready.

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For most of our guests, the planning of the trip starts long before they come, and the idea to visit the world capital of wing shooting has probably been in their minds long, long before that. So the excitement mounts and we love to welcome them and offer them a trip that lives up to their highest expectations.

I picked them up from the airport and I drove them along Colonia Caroya avenue, an icon of our homonymous city. I told them this is one of the longes avenues in the world that is flanked by trees from the beginning to the end. They were fascinated by it, so if I were you, I would contact Cici from the Travel and Leisure department and I would book a tour in this small but picturesque town and I would also visit some of its wineries for a taste of the Italian roots of Argentina.

After that, we took a gravel road and again, the group was surprised at the size of the parakeet nests that abound in our trees and old windmills. I told them in a big nest you can find up to 25 of them!

When we finally got to the field, our chef Fede was waiting for us with a delicious appetizer: dove cooked in red wine and wrapped in cabbage leaves. An innovation at the field! Our guests were trying this recipe our chef Fede had decided to create for the first time. After, the typical asado followed, delicious meat cuts grilled to perfection by the fire of local wood, which gives the asado a unique flavor. Then dessert, and then siesta for those who needed it after the flight and the meal.

Once they were ready to start the hunt, each guest got its gun and together with their field asssitants they left for their blinds. Some of the group used caliber 28 and they also tried our 410 shotguns, as well as the 20 calibers. There were million of birds flying all the time.

One of the days during their stay here, the Morrow family and Bill went to play golf at Estancia La Paz. They left at 9 am in the morning and spent the full day there, enjoying the game and the beauty of the place. They loved the experience and the alternative if you want to have a day off hunting to recover sore muscles from the intense shooting.
The rest of the group went for their hunting day and this time, we took them to the highlands, since the doves are fantastic there at this time of the year and the shooting experience it provides is different. The weather was amazing the four days, no rain at all and nice warm temperatures for December, which can get slightly hot.

By the end of the trip, the full group was very satisfied with the meals, speacially with the asados, also, they enjoyed the relaxing massage sessions once they got back to the lodge to recover from the intense shooting. Our guests enjoyed their field assistants company and help a lot, they could chat and have a good dose of fun. You will remember our field assistants by their jokes and broad smiles on their faces!

You should be the next one!

Martin Andrada

Head Guide

Pointer Outfitters




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