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This group of four arrived at midnight so they were tired from the flight. I picked them up, introduced myself, I was going to be their field guide for the following days. I drove them straight to the lodge and in the way the guys decided to take it easy the next day.

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They skipped the hunt, had a good rest and then, and hit the field to experience the Cordoba doves on their second day here.

So far so good! The next day I picked them up from Plaza Real Resort and drove them to the field where our amazing team were waiting for them. And let me say amazing, cause, when you see the lunch show they put on, and how helpful and fun the field assistants are, you will agree with me. Gaby was the chef and he had prepared these delicious meals for our guests. At the end of this report, I will share with you one of the recipes our guests love most.

But first, let’s talk about the hunting! Once each guest was with each field assistant, the shooting started and when only a few hours had passed, these guys couldn’t believe the amount of birds and also the amount of shooting! Towards lunchtime they gathered at the lunch camp with another group which was hunting in a nearby field. No sooner they started talking than I realized the only conversation was about the amount of birds and how much fun they had had at the field in one single morning of shooting. This conversation was interrupted when they saw the great amount of food, waiting for them, being grilled in the most traditional Argentine way. (Stay tuned with our post with the recipes from our guests favorite meals at the field!)

After this lavish lunch, it was time to get to the blinds again, our guests were feeling super full but let me tell you, the doves don’t know that and they keep flying!

After two hours into the afternoon hunt, the hunters were exhausted! They couldn’t continue anymore, but the birds kept coming and coming and coming.

For the second day, the group decided that a good tour of the city and surroundings was in order so Cici from the Travel and Leisure department organized it for them. They visited local wineries, shopping centers and historical areas and buildings. They were surprised by the beauty of the city and the friendly atmosphere everywhere.

On the second day of hunting, Frank decided he needed a goal for the day and that goal was getting to the 1000 birds mark since on his very firts day in Argentina, he had already made it to 928 birds in one day. The rest of the group was all about having fun and trying to make the most of the crazy adventure that hunting here is. They took pictures to show back at home and maybe, in the future, come back with some friends. Why not, right?

By the end of the day, we exchanged goodbyes. The group decided not to hunt the following morning, since they had had two wonderful days of fun and thousand birds.They promise to be back in the future, and to send some friends to enjoy this amazing adventure as well.

You should be the next one!

So here comes the recipe: Dove skewer is a favorite for appetizers. The ingredients are dove breast, onion, and bell pepper. We usually use green, yellow and red bell pepers. We dice the dove breast and wrap it in smoked bacon, and we also dice all the vegetables. Then, you put them in the skewers and cook them in the grill, I should say here something like “high temperature” but remember that if you want to do them in the truly Argentine way, you wont use a gas grill but real wood and coal. When it’s cooked, we pour some chimichurri over them and voila! Note on the chimichurri: If you were here hunting with us, chances are you did not leave this country without the chimichurri recipe. Hope you give this recipe a go at home!


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