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Gary is Back with his Friends

Gary Schuenman shot more than 1500 shells yesterday. He’s a great hunter and it’s his second time in Argentina. He got his 1000 birds in a day, so on the very first day, he got his One Thousand Birds Club Shirt. The weather has been really nice, with beautiful mornings that make us eager to leave for the fields as soon as we wake up.

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Gary has been using a Benelli cal 20, semi automatic. His field assistant is our dear Gaby Pedercini. He’s been his field assistant for two years now. When Gary came last year he had Gaby just by chance. But this year, Gary wrote to us and was very clear “I want Gaby this year, too!” They have fun together!

Gary and his group are from Utah, last year when they came they visited Cordoba. This year, some of the members of the group, Mike and Blake, did, too. They went on a tour around the city, taking a look at its most popular spots. Cordoba is beautiful, you shouldn’t miss the chance to visit it! In one of the stops, they had a picture taken with the statue of one of our most popular and famous singers “La Mona” which, funnily enough, translates as “The Monkey!” LOL.

We also hold Gary and his group very dear because last year when Gary came, they were part of Soaring Argentina mission. They visited some of the schools in the area, taking school supplies to the kids who were very happy to receive these kind donations!

One day at the field Gary saw an ostrich and when he told Rand, he did not believe him. Luckily, for Gary, the following day at the field, the ostrich was already there. Santiago, the driver, stopped to let him take pictures of the animal. Ostriches can be seen in groups in the fields, if you’re lucky, as you may know these creatures are fast and not very sociable. What a memorable experience my friends!

It’s safe to say that every day was amazing. The days were even better thanks to the delicious food cooked by our chef, our asados, a signature not just of Argentina but also of Pointer Outfitters. Have you even been to Argentina if you were here and did not eat asado?!

In average, this group shot a thousand shells a day. But there were some jokes between Rand and Gary, some jealousy over who was the best hunter?! We’ll let them settle that at home. 

On the day of their departure, they went to the city, had more barbeque at a traditional barbeque shop called “Fogon de los arrieros”. Then, they did some window shopping at the mall, and at the end, we drove them to the airport.

See you next year my friends!


You should be the next one!

Martin Andrada

Head Guide

Pointer Outfitters



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