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Shell Full of Feathers

Robert, Darren and James were one group arriving to hunt with Pointer Outfitters in October. The other group was Jim, Philip, George and Scott. They came in at the same time and we went to pick them up in our comfortable van, which can fit up to 12 people, so that our guests had a comfortable ride to the lodge. However, we didn’t stop by the lodge.

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We went straight to the field, in the east of Jesus Maria town. First, lunch, to recover energies from the long flight. The asado is the meal per excellence at the field. It’s probably the most unique meal we have and for us is a pleasure to honor our hunters with this delicious  food. Pork, chicken, beef, sausages, tenderloin grilled to the fire of local wood plus some malbec wine and sweet desert featuring the world acclaimed dulce de leche. 

These two groups shared the hunting days, the lunch, the field. David Peter’s group hunted together, the three of them, while Jim Taylor’s group hunted in pairs, rotating along the day. 

Our field assistants are very passionate about their job too. It's not a surprise for us when we have guests who return to visit us after some time and they still remember the field assistants names or ask for one of the guys in particular. 

One afternoon, Tata, Jim’s field assistant, decided to play on Jim the famous “shell full of feathers trick” which consists of removing the ammunition from the shell and replace it with feathers! Old trick my friends, the thing is that you never see it coming!!! You fire it and then you are under a rain of feathers! Of course, Jim couldn’t stop laughing about this!

So you see why everybody loves our field assistants? There's no way of having a dull moment around them. They will never let you have your gun empty, they will play music and joke non stop. That's how we Argentinians are!

During the days these two groups were here, it was Fede Gervasoni's birthday, one of our guides and also cook! Of course, the field assistants like partying so they came to the field with a cake, wigs and hats to add color to the celebration! Of course, Fede's birthday couln't go pass unnoticed!

The last day was just to relax. They did not hunt because of their flight schedules, they left La Loma Lodge at different times. But until that, they enjoyed the great service La Loma staff offers. La Loma is a beautiful, traditional Argentine estancia. Although being conveniently located in a town, when you get there you will feel completely away from everything! The atmosphere of La Loma lodge invites you to relax after intense hunting sessions, sitting by its comfortable firepit enjoying the best local beers or a traditional Malbec wine until you hear the dinner call. 

You can also enjoy massage sessions by professional massage therapists. You might think before coming that the massage is a luxury, but believe me, you will need it, after shooting more than 2000 shells a day!!!

If you're reading this because you're thinking of coming to Cordoba, or because you have already come and you're reminiscing your trip, we look forward to having you here and show you the best hunt and the best service.

You should be the next one!

Federico Silva

Hunting Guide

Pointer Outfitters




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