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Thousand Birds and Sleeping on Trees

I got to spend the last days of October with two amazing groups. One group was Sterling and his dad Stuart; Joshua and Timothy. The other group, made up of two couples, Michelle, Alton, Micheal and Natalie. They arrived on the 28th, very early in the morning.

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I went to pick them up together with Federico Gervasoni, company representative. From there we were going to head to La Loma lodge, have a hearty breakfast and get in the right gear for the hunting. 

Unfortunately, the airline had misplaced the baggage that belonged to the couples so it was going to arrive later during their stay; however, this was not going to prevent them from having a great time. They were so excited that forgot about the bags altogether and enjoyed the experience. 

They groups met at the airport, even before I had the chance to meet them and they got on well from the very beginning, so they shared the hunt sessions and lunch at the field every day of the trip. 

We started the hunt towards the northern area of the province. The Tuna roost area, as we call it. Then we move towards the east, the lower areas of Jesus Maria city. The weather was perfect the four days, which allowed our guests to enjoy the places, the scenery, and of course the hunt!

The hunt was excellent since we started, giving Joshua the chance to get his thousand birds on the second day, and the same to Sterling on the third day. 

On the other hand, the gourp led by Michele was not only enjoying the hunt but also the table talk after the delicious asados and the comfortable field camp with its hammocks hanging for nice siestas. They enjoyed our typical Argentine meat cuts, known all over the world, fresh salads and the unique Argentine Malbec.

In the mornings, Joshua usually made his friends wait up to 30 minutes to go for the hunt because he was not ready! But in the third morning, he surprised us all being ready before them all! On the very last day Sterling was the laughing stock. He climbed a tree trying to get reception for his mobile. So far so good. Only problem was that he fell asleep on the tree. Yes, he actually fell asleep up there! Unbelievable, see the pictures below!

For Michele, this was his second time in Argentina, but all of them agreed that it had been an amazing, memorable trip and had enjoyed top notch service.

We hope to see you around soon my friends!

You should be the next one!


Federico Silva

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