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Born to Hunt

Cordoba is the world capital for doves. Period. It doesn’t matter the time of year, there are no seasons. Or let’s better put it this way: the season is all year round.

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The birds move, of course, but we go after them. Our scouting team is permanently on the lookout for the better fields. At this time of year the birds prefer the fields in the lower areas. I am one of the guides and in my opinion, spring time is just amazing for doves. The weather is the nicest! The days are longer and you are guaranteed a memorable experience.

The warm weather in the morning makes the birds come in massive amounts to areas where there’s water available. And there’s were we are, together with Ross, Patrick, Wayne and Albert. 

They came through Chile and I’m waiting for them at Cordoba Airport. They go through customs and then I guide them to the van and… let the adventure begin! The flying to Argentina is very smooth and customs a quick process. The resort were they’ll be staying is just 40 minutes away from the airport and the hunting fields are at even shorter distances. 

 The lodge will be the place were our guests will relax after intense hunting days, sitting by the firepit and enjoying the cool breeze than comes from the river. And wine and cocktails and appetizers, too! Every dinner evening, one of our hosts will be at the resort waiting for them to assist them in whatever they need and to give cordial attention.

On their way to the field, our guests can get a glimpse of the Argentine life. And when we get to the field per se, they start getting anxious because they see the abundance of birds flying everywhere. But don’t worry my friends, as soon as you step out of the car the field staff will be ready. Guns, shells, blinds, all set. Some of them have asked for semi automatic guns, over and unders, caliber 28.

What were your plans before coming to Argentina? To shoot a thousand birds in a day? More than that? It’s totally possible!

By the end of the day you’ll probably need massage! We always tell our guests that’s important to relax after they get to the lodge. All days will be intense and you will probably feel very tired after the first day. Even when you’re under the shade of the trees, and sleep your Argentine siesta in the hammocks and sit down and relax at the blind. 

David is the chef for this group and he has noticed the guys loved the dove skewers so he is going to repeat them the next day. Don't worry, this is just the appetizer! You'll have loads of meat for the main course.

The group is very happy with the experience, they say it’s unique. The whole staff has been behind every detail and they are grateful for that!

You should be the next one!

Martin Andrada

Head Guide

Pointer Outfitters




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