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It was Red, Brian and Kyle, John and Joshua’s first time in Argentina but not for Wayne, who has been here serveral times, and who has had the chance to experience the hunt in the north of the country (Doves in Cordoba) and the hunt of the south (Ducks in Buenos Aires).

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Having said this, you could think Wayne’s Spanish is pretty good. And it is indeed, although some anecdotes I heard do not support this theory...

Wayne, John and Joshua started the hunt the first day they got here together with Brian, Red and Kyle. Howver, the second day the group parted and went different ways, but both intense. While Kyle, Brian and Red were in the field with birds and more birds flying over their heads, Wayne and his friends John and Joshua went north of the province with Soaring Argentina team, to work in the mission efforts to help poor schools of the areas, building gardens, painting walls and giving away donations, and teaching the school kids how far Wayne and his friends had come from. Or, at least this is what Wayne thought. LOL...

Let me tell you this short story about our dear friend Wayne who speaks great Spanish although we joke about it nonstop. So Wayne was in the class, hanging up some maps and posters he had taken for the kids. Wayne was pretending to be a teacher and explaining to them (IN SPANISH) were he was from and were they were now in the map and showing how long the journey had been. After several minutes lecturing the kids about this (IN SPANISH) a cute little girl, who was about 8 years old, looking bewildered, put up his hand and asked “What on Earth is he saying?!?!

You could imagine the laugher and jokes of Pablo, when he heard this story about the girl asking. After we managed to stop laughing we went on to explain to the girl in our Spanish what Wayne was trying to convey. Well, Wayne, my friend. Give me the benefit of the doubt and let me believe your Spanish was awesome and this little actress was pretending not to understand you just to play a joke on you!

Meanwhile, back to the hunting. Brian, Reed and Kyle were in their second day of hunting, even more intense than the first one. Millions of birds coming from all angles, there was no time for anyting, just to load the guns and fire. Their faces and good music made the moment even more memorable for these three friends. By midday, Francisco, the chef, was waiting for us with a wonderful asado, right there, in the middle of the field. It was a barbeque of those that make you feel like eating more than you should, it was a barbeque of those when you keep eating after you’re full and then, of course, you regret it cause you can’t even move!

After some table talk, they decided to have a siesta in the hammocks we hang by the trees, under its shade. Shortly after we started hearing some thunderous, rumbling noises. Was someone clearing the bush, knocking down trees with a bulldozer? Hahaha, later we discover it was someone snoring, I’m not gonna say who, but this person was having a glorious siesta, just “as God wants it!” as we say here, when someone does something in the right way. It was such his state of relaxation that none of his friends dared wake him up. Thanks my friend, 'cause before meeting you I was the king of the loudest snore. LOL

After the siesta, when they had recovered from the intense morning hunt and the lavish asado, we went back to the blinds and all of them had an afternoon full of birds. Wherever you looked at, you saw doves. The field assistants, loading guns non stop. Brian was shooting from his waist, and Reed was getting two, and even three birds at the same time! But it was not over there, when they got to La Loma Lodge, the doves were followed by the tequilas and Capitan Morgan to celebrate. It was as if the day had just started but, like in fairytails, before the clock struk midnight someone said “Ok, let’s go to bed, tomorrow we have more hunting time”

The third day, Wayne and his friends continued the mission and Brian, Reed and Kyle went to the field for more doves and good stories. The morning, the lunch and the siesta were as good as the day before, but when in the afternoon we wanted to hunt again, a storm, that had been threatening us since ealier that day, was about to start. This reduced the wind, you know, the calm before the storm. The birds started flying higher, there were no easy shots but I have to admit that Kyle was even more accurate than the day before. And let me also say, so that he’s not jealous, that Reed showed his wingshooting abilities since the very first minute at the field. He requested an over an under to get the highest birds, which was a good decision.

That night, it finally rained. The next morning, with bad weather forecast, made the morning calmer than the days before. But there was nothing that could stop these guys from having a great time. They kept enjoying and having fun. The optimism was rewarded with great weather, the clouds were clearing up and a shy sun was appearing. That very last afternoon was the best one of the entire trip. It was really a great, great time, hunting and laughing!

They left with great memories of “Frog” a blend between Facundo and Ignacio, their field assistants. I hope that your first visit to Argentina has lived up to your expectations, and exceeded them! It was a pleasure to share these days with you!

You should be the next one!


For a full description of Wayne, Josh and Joshua's adventures and pictures, please visit Soaring Argentina Web Page

Ignacio Aguilo

Hunting Guide and Manager

Pointer Outfitters



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