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Laughing Their Heads Off

HI there, I’m Martin and I’ll be the hunting guide of John, Dana, Charles, Tom, Carl and Michael. It’s their first time in this paradise for dove hunting and just and hour and twenty minutes separate us from the airport and the fun that is about to start.

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They will be staying at Plaza Real Resort, a beautiful place to enjoy with a group of friends, with a great park to enjoy relaxing by the fire pit, just across the town’s river.

Since they arrived, we knew this group would be fun. They were excited to start the hunt as soon as possible!

Let me tell you what a regular day hunting is Cordoba usually looks like.

The guests receive their wake up call at 7.30 am. Time to enjoy a delicious breakfast, a full breakfast: scrambled eggs, bacon, yogurt, coffee, tea. At this point my advice is: eat well, you will need the energy when you hit the field!

At this time of year, a regular ride to the field is usually about 25 minutes from the lodge. Our confortable vans and pick up trucks are ready to take our guests to the fields chosen for the day.

Once there, we introduce them to the rest of the hunting staff, that is the cheff and the field assistants. We brief them about the safety instructions and then, they go to their blinds to different spots in the field.

The birds fly like swarms, or like mosquitos, we hear all sort of comparisons from our guests when they try to express what the big volume birds feel like. Our hunters have two guns each, our Beretta guns, and their field assistants load the guns for them.

At about 12.30 we wrap the morning hunt and I start hearing the numbers…which are always really good! Some of our hunters get tired earlier than lunchtime. On the first day, you will not be used to shooting so much! If you get tired earlier than the call for lunch, join us at the camp to see how an authentic asado is cooked in the Argentine style! This is a great time for taking pictures to send home!

Our chef loves spoiling the hunters with the best meals. For starters, dove is a must. It can be either dove tacos, or skewers, or stir fries, there are many options to make sure you enjoy the doves in all possible forms. The main course, the asado. Beef, beef and more beef. At this point, our friends John, Dana, Charles, Tom, Carl and Michael were delighted. Meat and malbec, colorful salads. When we are about to start desert, which ranges from pears cooked in Malbec wine, Tiramisu, flan, (among others!) our guests usually start getting a bit anxious. They see the birds flying and want to hit the field again as soon as possible but they also feel tempted by the hammocks we have just hung by the trees to enjoy some minutes of a warm siesta under the shade of local trees. 

By the end of the afternoon hunt, I see that the guys are really happy. They’ve had an amazing day. The doves, the food, the guns, the weather, everything was just awesome! Cold drinks, great camaraderie, more than 500 birds shot down per day, per hunter!

What a trip! When they get to the lodge, our guests can treat themselves to a wonderful massage. And after, some drinks and snacks by the fire. This is how our guests spent the four days in Cordoba. And we spent them having a great time as well!

Check in the video how much fun they had!


You should be the next one!

Martin Andrada

Head Guide

Pointer Outfitters




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