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Quality and Quantity Birds

Mike, Scott, Wilson and Julian arrived in August and while usually the groups stay and hunt for for full days, these guys only had two days and a half to enjoy the internationally acclaimed “Cordoba Dove”. So as soon as they got on the car when we picked them up at the airport, they started wondering how long a drive it was to the lodge.

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They wanted to arrive as soon as possible and start the shooting as soon as possible too. No time to waste!

So that afternoon, even with the tiredness of the trip, they hunted non stop. After two hours, all of them gathered in Michaels blind to enjoy how good he was shooting! They went on to talk about the time they were having and the experience with each field assistant. 

That night they made it to Plaza Real Resort and enjoyed some drinks by the fire, appetizers and then a delicious dinner. I guess they had a pretty good night sleep after such a day!

The next morning started with an early wakeup call so that we could hit the field early. Once there, they hunted all morning on their own and then, after the traditional asado, they got together in groups of two in each blind to compete. They also wanted to see their field assistants compete, and they were surprised at how good they did it!

Let's talk about asado for a minute here. When our guests come, they are anxious for the birds. They want to start shooting, they want to experience the big volume doves, they want to get to the 1000 doves club. But not many of them seem to be ready for the amount and quality of food. A signature of Argentina is the beef, and our hunters will enjoy the best beef in town cooked to perfection in the most traditional Argentine way. 

Their last day might as well have been the first one. We couldn’t tell the difference because their energy was just the same. Anecdotes with their field assistants, pictures taken with them, nonstop shooting…

When it was time to leave, they were happy with the experience. The stay had been, unfortunately, short but a great learning with the big volume birds because they had never been able to do such a thing.  They were very grateful with everybody for the great time.


You should be the next one!

Federico Gervasoni

Field Guide

Pointer Outfitters




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