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Oldie but Goodie

Joe, David, Chris and Mary came in August, one of my favorite months for wingshooting. Although there’s no season in Argentina when it comes to birds and the hunting is just AWESOME all year round, I like August. The birds are in the hilly area at this time of year and we have very well located fields where the roosts are. August is the month of wind, as some people call it. It’s a challenge for our guests, some days, if it is windy, the birds fly up and fast.

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This group had amazing days with beautiful weather. They enjoyed Plaza Real Resort and the program was similar each day, morning wake up call, delicious breakfast, hit the field, shoot until lunch is ready (about 12.3 pm) eat until you feel like your stomach will burst, have a nap like a baby, hunt until 6 pm, get back to the lodge, enjoy massage if you want to, keep eating and drinking by the fire, have dinner, go to bed, and the next day: REPEAT. It’s like every hunter's dream, right?

This is what our guests did. Mary was decided to improve her shooting abilities in this trip, and Joe, her husband, was determined to make sure she had the best time in the process. The first shots might have been a bit difficult, but we were all surprised at how fast Mary improved and how much she enjoyed the experience. 

For the third day, Mary decided to go on a tour to visit the neighboring towns of Jesus Maria and Colonia Caroya, the shops and winery there. Camila was the guide and everything was organized for the next morning by our Travel and Leisure Department.  At 10 am, Cami met Mary and their first stop was the Jesuits museum in Jesus Maria. They visited the museum itself, the old church and the beaituful gardens, a meeting point for locals to enjoy afternoon picnics.

From there, they went to the city downtown to visit some shops where they could check clothes (women love it, right?) and lethers accessories, bags, purses, belts. From there they had breakfast and lunch in a local bar, and then, time to visit Colonia Caroya, a traditional town of Italian origin. There, they visit a winery and “Chacra de Luna” an amazing spot where local fruit and vegetables are cultivated, there’s a farm, a museum and a cellar full of homemade wine and cold cuts. Colonia Caroya, this last town they visited has an iconic avenue with huge trees on both sides. Mary liked this avenue very much! After the day was over, she returned to Plaza Real Resort.

On the last night, David and Chris decided to have a bit of an exploration and leave the resort grounds for a meal in a local pub, to check on the town and experience the culture as well. 

They were disappointed to have to leave Argentina! They had had a great time and even though it’s just four days, you get accustomed easily to the good life!

We hope to see you guys around in the near future. Million of birds are here waiting for you.

You should be the next one!

Martin Andrada

Hunting Guide

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