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Brian the Mariachi

Brian the Mariachi! That’s how we decided to call the leader of this group, whose birthday was celebrated at the lodge with his six friends. The Mariachis came to give Brian a surprise on that special day. Drinks, music, dancing, laughing, I had the chance to share a great time with Brian, Kenny, Gary, James, Tanner, Greg and Rob. Somehow, Brian’s family was with him at the lodge, when we raised our glasses to celebrate to the sound of “wish you were here” by Pink Floyd.

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I have to admit, this happened on the third day, and it was on this day that I became really close to these guys. 

Just as they knew how to have fun in the lodge, they knew how to have fun in the field, even when the birds were flying fast and high because of the wind. That day, after the windy morning, the lunch camp was ready for a delicious lunch prepared by out chef Gaby Pedercini, first class lunch, as our guests call it. Gabi, the chef, (I don’t know how) found out that Rob loved ribs, so he got some and cooked them for him. Lunch was enjoyed between jokes, drinks, siestas and domino playing. That was my first encounter with the domino game. I was looking at them from the distance, trying to understand how it worked. To my surprise, that night I was playing it myself with these guys at the lodge!

But the ribs and the mariachis were not the only surprises that were planned for this group. The following day, our hunters asked to share the lunch with the field assistants that were with each of them at the field. And so it was! What a big table! I was not at the field that day, but I got the chance to see the pictures and listen to the anecdotes shared and I can tell they had a great time!

The next morning, finally, the weather went back to the normal patterns for this time of year, not windy and beautiful weather. We had millions of birds, just as Cordoba and Martin, the guide, has us used to. Such a good day it was that some of the boys were almost in the one thousand mark…They were close, so close!

Thanks, guys, for such a fun experience together! 

Whose birthday should be the next one?!

Ignacio Aguilo

Host and Guide

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