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Girls Should Be The Next Ones

This trip started like “The Beginning of hunting vacations with friends!” These were Sarah’s words in her second day in Cordoba Argentina with Pointer Outfitters. This group was Sarah and her three friends Stacey, Candence, Sussan, and her friend Jimmy.

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I truly enjoy being the host of each group, but I have to admit it was fun to host this one. What an awesome group! From the driving to the fields, to the hunting and the evenings relaxing at the lodge, every moment was enjoyed to the most!

The trip started that Sunday morning when I went together with Martin, our head guide, to pick them at the airport. They thought, well, now we go to the lodge, we relax and recover from the long flight. NAH. Asado was ready in the field! The field assistants were anxious to start, all the birds flying over their heads! Far from a relaxing evening, they found a full lunch camp set up in the middle of the field and other hunters to enjoy the experience with! The other hunters were from Dallas so, just as Stacey defined it, it was a great moment spent together, which completely surprised them all.

The next day, Jimmy and his girlfriend Candence shared the blind and started a fun competition that lasted the entire trip. At the beginning, when they were just trying to get used to the volume of birds, it was a relaxed competition, but when they were in full swing and used to the big volume of birds, it became quite intense! Each of them had their wins and times of glory! I have to say that Jimmy was a great hunter, great accuracy, but Candence…she did not let him relax! She was just behind, very close. The best part, for me, was to see how much fun they were having. After all, isn’t it the best? 

The third day was just….how can I describe it? The birds didn’t give our guests a break, not even a break! It was just millions and millions of them flying non stop. I told you that the first day was like a warm up and the second was more confident hunting, so the third one was like a PhD in wingshooting! Birds coming at the blinds from all the possible angles. The afternoon was better than the morning. Luckily, this would be a good compensation for the next day, which was extremely windy and the birds were just flying up high and super fast. However, I would lie if I said that this was bad for our hunters. Jimmy and the ladies had a great time, music and “shooting in the heights!” 

I want to say Thank You! To this amazing group of ladies and Jimmy. Besides being there as my job, they gave me the chance to have a great time together. And like Sarah said, women should think about this friends trip more often. And if it’s a hunting trip, even better!

Girls should be the next ones!

Ignacio Aguilo

Host and Guide

Pointer Outfitters



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